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yes we can club
Can you see your name on this trophy?
If not, please do add your name on this trophy. Because you deserve it.
Here at amazing Wealthy Affiliate, we know there is nothing we cannot do or achieve.
So in honor of that, we are giving ourselves kudos for all we do. Ready for the list?Here goes!


Everyday we are ready to do all that is necessary to keep our spirits and enthusiasm high.

Everyday we know that tackling the technical stuff might be a bit tedious, but we get it done.

Everyday we research and ask questions until we find exactly what we need.

Everyday our entrepreneurial spirit gives us the boost to get it done.

Everyday we take our gratitude quotient to an even higher level.

grateful heart Maya Angelou

Everyday we put the hours in we need to get this process rolling.

Everyday we picture ourselves as successful Affiliate Marketers.

Everyday we create another way to get our sites seen.

Everyday we blog with positive intent and problem solving.

Everyday we deal with our issues in our own “Adulting” way.

Everyday we take full accountability for all that needs to be done in our lives.

Everyday we take the time to breathe.

Everyday we take time and ho for the people we love.

Everyday we nourish ourselves in ways of peace, love and gratitude.


Living in gratitude, means simple thankfulness. It is not complicated or labor intensive.
But it can seriously change your world.

Would you try this visualization with me?

I like doing this visualization/meditation standing up. It just feels expansive and
freeing. If you are able to stand try this. If not, it works sitting down, as well.

So stand up or sit, Raise up your arms as if you are lifting them to the sky.

Feel your heart opening.

Smile as broadly as you can. Think of something that brings you joy.

Then say 3 things you are grateful for. From a good breakfast to someone who unexpectedly truly saw you.

Take a breath and then circle your arms around as if blowing in the wind.

Feel the changes in your body, relaxing, calming, comfort.

And then say, “I am living in gratitude.”

Try it 3 times.

Doing this visualization/meditation at least once per day will completely change your sense of self.

Let me know how it works for you.

When we live in gratitude :

Our business will flow easier and be MORE successful

Our relationships are sweeter and healthier

Our blood pressure is lowered

Our mental health is calm and peaceful

We sleep better

Our self- esteem is enhanced.

gratitude Dalai Lama


Now that we do know all of these amazing things about gratitude, how do we choose to reside in gratitude to promote all of these benefits?

Does that sound doable?

I would really like to hear how this works for everyone. I know that having gratitude in my life changes my sense of peace. I am able to live in a more peaceful, quiet easy flow.

May you always live in the space of flow. It is the elixir of life.

Thanks for being part of the Yes We Can Club! Wealthy Affiliate, the place to know you are somebody that lives your dream.

Blessings for a week that fills your spirit and soars your heart.

And if you need proof of how fabulous Wealthy Affiliate is, just click here.

I really want to hear how you soared this week.

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