WHAT DO BABY BOOMERS WORRY ABOUT? brain fitness and finances

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Well, that is a big question isn’t it? As we get older, our worries can be in all directions. From loneliness to death to finding our next joyful moment. The idea of getting older is also fraught with what do we, as baby boomers worry about?


And what do we do with our worries?

We are certainly a very different generation than our parents. Our options are very different, but yet the concerns are still there. Are we worried about our brain fitness, our finances as we retirement, finding our tribe, worrying about health care? All of these are concerns that can be addressed and somewhat adapted to our needs.

Most of us may not have a retirement fund ready to fund our traveling all around the world. And I don’t know about you, but my staying young in my brain fitness is really important.

brain fitness

So here is what I found out. While we do have all these very valid concerns, there are options that were not available to previous generations.

For instance, the internet provides outlets for brain games like Luminosity.com, where you can determine your base line and then improve it daily just by playing games. Loads of people are raving about how much fun it is and also how much sharper they feel. And how many of us are playing Sudoku?

I really enjoy doing puzzles. Because I have to be aware of both the connection to each piece and the larger connection to the entire picture. Its kinda like a life metaphor!


For those of us who want more financial resources in our retirement, building our online business is a true opportunity. Building an online business also brings incredible brain fitness as we tackle technology and writing skills.


One of the exciting parts of retirement is the ability to choose and self define this new stage in our lives. We can now decide how we want to spend our time, and with whom. Which also takes us to a place of how we are using our brains.

One way to keep our brains sharp is to volunteer. What did you always want to do but never had time for it? Reading to school kids, organizing services to the under served? All of these things are way to keep us in the loop and keep us vibrant and thriving!

Physical fitness or yoga helps to keep our bodies strong, limber and also connects us to our inner hearts and divinity. Long walks are my go to. I feel like it’s my meditation time. It gets my body moving and my brain feels sharper. It also feels like it raises my endorphins. I certainly feel happy when I am walking.

A friend who is a nurse, said that walking is the one way to quicker health. So if we are able to walk, find a friend and do it daily!

The other part of keeping our brains sharp is to have a focus on what is important to us. Are we keeping dates with friends, or going to meet ups to meet new friends? Have we found more hobbies to spark our creative side?

financial retirement



As for the biggie, finances! Whew! Even though we may not have amassed wealth during our working years, we still have the amazing opportunity to do it now! Isn’t that exciting?

That really gets my juices going! It is so freeing to know that at this stage in our lives, we don’t have to settle for fear and less then. We can create our own new legacy right now! Are you ready to consider this option?

I hope so!

Wealthy Affiliate has been my saving grace! Click on the link to find out why Wealth Affiliate is the most trusted, reliable source for becoming an Affiliate Marketer. And it even gives you a free trial. And no worries about not understanding the technology, it is very understandable step by step education with complete 24/7 support.

I have found that learning to have an online business has completely changed my world. I am learning things I never thought I would. I am meeting people all around the globe! And I have a presence on the internet! Pretty amazing!

online marketing


We, as baby boomers have so much to share. And this is our time to do it! We have been through life’s wringer, and come out the other end as thrivers and givers. So why not share our gifts?
Having an Affiliate Marketing online business cures so many concerns. From brain fitness to financial fitness.

I do hope you will join me in this journey with Wealthy Affiliate, it is breathtakingly phenomenal! I am speaking to people around the globe, while making money and literally expanding my brain power.
I feel younger, more vibrant, focused and determined than ever!

I am happy to answer any questions. Just leave them below.

contentment and yes i can

Now is our time to shine and keep growing!
Best wishes for this new journey…no concerns, only going forward in contentment, yes?

In peace and gratitude,






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  • I’ve heard there are three very specific things that are proven to help with longevity: coffee (they don’t know why but suspect it has to do with people being social), mind puzzles like you recommended, and DANCING (which is both exercise and having to be social/mathematical). Now that our bodies are living for a long while, we have to make sure our minds keep up with the journey!

    • Hello Penelope! Thank you so much for being here! I think the idea of dancing is fabulous! And you are so right, we do indeed have to make sure our minds keep up with the journey. I am so happy to meet you. I look forward to you coming back. What are your go to things? in peace and gratitude, ariel

  • Well explained and unique post. Excellent job

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