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When people ask me about finding an online business, the first statement people usually utter is, oh they are all scams. Do you think that is really true?

I get it that many online marketing businesses run the gamut of financially taking huge amounts of money out of our pockets. Or the heart break of promising something that is not deliverable. I don’t know which hurts more in life lessons.

Especially when so many of us know we have to find another avenue for uplifting the quality of our financial lives.

Knowing this kind of heart break I would not want anyone else to experience it. Because I have been there, done that. Let’s have this kinda hard discussion. And I hear your reservations. I truly hope you will let go of judgment and hear all these facts.

I am going to talk about my experience at Wealth Affiliate.

I am asking you to make your own choice about Wealthy Affiliate. Here is my input and my observations.


The owners Kyle and Carson, are young men growing their families and their wealth. They have been doing this for 15 years. In their search to create a great vehicle they kept in mind that anyone can choose to do this. So everything is pointed toward growing success. Even intentional language to help guide you to keeping on your path. Mostly everyone commits to 6 months or a year to ensure they see growth. And to foster the growth, if you refer so many people, you are included in a free expense paid trip to Vegas.

There are many success stories in WA. I hope you can see yourself as one!

Many people have chosen this as their full time business. And to their credit there are thousands of people at WA who are making a living income and even those that are living in luxury. It’s really about staying focused, giving it time, determination and writing content!

It is not a get rich scheme. It is a step by step path to growing a financially successful online business.






Being really skeptical, when I first found WA, I wondered about that possibility here. But right off the bat, they were not asking for money. In fact there is a free trial. Really a free trial? Yes! (click.) That really made my head spin. After all if they were offering a free trial, it means that they understood the trials that some of us have really experienced.

There are many options once you do decide to stay on. And you can always do it really cheaply if that is your choice. And honestly the option to go yearly is cheaper than most of the options out there. So can you afford $49.00 per month? Or less if you pay the yearly fee. And isn’t that even cheaper than over head in any other business? I know there are times in our lives when having $49 per month is a lot. Decide if you are worth it. And will you commit to the process?

And know that with that monthly or yearly fee, you will get full training, 25 websites and non stop help!


Logging into your dashboard, you will see icons that tell you what is happening in the community. And there is always a live chat if you need help. Where else can you find that? I have been honored to meet people from across the globe and right in my state! What is amazing is the kindness. At any given moment in a 24-hour span, someone is willing to help you through a new training or just there to listen. It has been an extraordinary experience of love pouring out.


As a grandmother, I was so not sure if I would be able to grasp the concept of learning technical data information. Do you know what? It has been so inspiring and empowering! At each training module I am amazed at how easily everything is constructed so we can all understand. I have found my attention is much clearer and focused because of the training. Did I mention that each step of the way feels like you are reaching closer to success?

And as if there is not enough training through the courses, there are webinars, and video training. There is no way you can come through this process without feeling like you have really earned a degree!

So yes a very loud resounding Yes to the training here. I am sure I would not get as well-educated if I took a very expensive University course.


I hope you say yes, and YES WE CAN! Join me!

Wishing you great success in your journey, ariel

I am here for any questions.

Please comment below and I will get back to you!










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  • Hello Ariel, very personal approach that is good. He made me want to read more on this opportunity and the benefits available. I can see you have a bit more work to do on building content, but you are off to a great start.

    • Thank you Harvey, Yes you are right about the content. I also have another website that is more populated. So I am working hard to catch up on this one. I so appreciate your words of encouragement. Wishing you great joy and success. Thank you for taking a moment to visit and comment. ariel

  • Hi Ariel, Thanks for writing such a great article from the heart. It’s always really nice to read a product review from someone who has actually used the product. I really liked the part where you said “At any given moment in a 24-hour span, someone is willing to help you through a new training or just there to listen”. I find the community to be one of the best parts of Wealthy Affiliate as well.
    Thank you for sharing this with me today. Good luck.

    • Hello Bec! So many thanks for taking the time to read this, and to comment! I am so touched by the WA community! It has truly changed my life.
      I wish you incredible success. I look forward to hearing about your journey. In peace and gratitude, ariel

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