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In many ways, we are all seeking wealth. And that started me really thinking. What does wealth really mean, how does it look, what does it mean to sustain wealth?

Wealth that is sustainable means that somehow we have chosen a path that creates life long sustainability. That is a mouthful. What does that mean?

What choices do we need to make to insure our own grasp of sustainability?
And then the questions began to filter through my heart and brain.

What is our definition of wealth?

Here is the thing, the holy grail so to speak, how do we choose to define wealth?

Is wealth just monetary?

Are we wealthy if our health is good?

Are we wealthy if we have our families to nurture us?

Are we wealthy if our spiritual journey is feeding us daily?

Are we wealthy if we have shelter and food?

Are we wealthy if we have a circle of friends?

Are we wealthy if we live in peace?

Are we wealthy if we live in simple gratitude?

Are we wealthy when we truly know who we are and live in that space of inner truth?

Are we wealthy if we are loved?

Are we wealthy if we choose to be present and mindful?

Are we wealthy because we see our own abundance in our lives?

Are we only wealthy if we have a million dollars in our bank account?

Are we wealthy if we live our lives ethically and consciously?

A Concept Born from the Deepest Part of Self

To me the answers started filling my heart and brain. Slowly I started seeing a visualization of growth in my wealth. It came to me as a growing tree sapling.

Our roots have to know they are strong and able to hold our trunk and branches. What is needed to feed that growth? Oxygen, soil and nurturance of the earth as rain and sunshine.

There is a built in ecosystem to sustain the growth and stretching out of the root system. So each moment of breath gives us the food of life. And the roots of our tree begin to hold their own patch deep within the earth.

When the roots are secure in their foundation, our trunk begins its journey to the sun. The young sprout shows itself breaking through the soil to see new vistas. Imagine the ability of incredible strength to break through the soil knowing that our trunk is going to see the sun. And each new day, fed by its own ecosystem, our trunk grows stronger and thicker in its own capacity.

I could feel a change taking place in this part of my visualization. I saw and felt my core begin to shift and shyly smile.

So its about creating infrastructure? Huh, yup. Knowing that if my root system is deeply embedded in knowing and nurturing each day, it brings new internal growth.

Sustainable Growth and Wealth

Oh no, don’t look now, I am responsible for my infrastructure being strong! I am responsible for my own definition of growth and wealth. And only me.

Then I saw my trunk begin to rise to the sun and new shoots of green work their way to unfurling young leaves. I could feel the step by step growth of knowing and being.

At that moment, I choose to see how I live in abundance, wealth and strength. And if I continue to feed my own growth through determination, self-love, nurturance, clarity, perseverance and gratitude, I am on the road to living my definition of great wealth and sustainability. For then the gates of opportunity and complete prosperity will be mine.

I have now opened myself to a new flow that will allow my tree to reach to the sky. No limits to my growth, potential and ultimately sustainability. Unless, I choose to limit myself.

So here is to raising a cup of sunshine to self wealth and sustainability. It is the process of knowing that I am responsible for each step along the way. I am the one setting goals, living my authenticity and always looking towards the sun.

The Journey Starts Here

I am the one who choose to join this amazing Wealthy Affiliate community to enhance the best part of me.

Join me in the path to sustainable wealth in self and dollars!

Would love to hear your stories of sustainable wealth. Leave a comment below.

In peace and gratitude,




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