WANNA Rank on Google? Squirrly to the RESCUE!

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SQIRRLY, THE WAY TO GOOGLE’S HEART! This plugin will change the way you think about SEO and Google!


You know how we all want to get ranked on Google? And make sure our posts are optimized? Well there is this plugin that is called Squirrly. And it does amazing things. It is so effective that Neil Patel the hottest SEO marketer uses it for every single one of his posts! (And lets be real here, he makes millions!)

Now that is an amazing endorsement, yes? I mean if the master SEO thinks this is a fabulous program, I want in also! Don’t we all?


This is what SQUIRRLY can do for us: ( I see that happy dance!)

First off it has a LIVE ASSISTANT! So it tells us what we need to do in real time.


  1. As we are writing our posts it tells us what is needed
  2. No more guessing on SEO, you can do searches here
  3. It optimizes the post and you can watch the numbers grow to 100% as you work!
  4. It tells you right away if it is Google friendly. And if not what to do to remedy it.
  5. It is broken up into sections; Domain, Clean & Friendly, Title, Content
  6. Under each section there is guide for what we need to do. For instance in content it will say bold one of the keywords, or use keywords in headlines
  7. And I so like this one, ready? It gives us graphic choices that are already with ALT text using our SEO. Can you say WOW?
  8. And when you input your SEO you see how it ranks
  9. It ranks us not just as Google friendly but also Human Friendly



I have found it to be very user friendly. Because it tells me as I write what I need to do. And while I am writing I can make whatever adjustments are needed. The other part that is for me a wonderful learning tool, is that the more I use Squirrly, the more I am getting the hang of SEO.

That means that at some point I will have an understanding of SEO enough that I can offer my services as an SEO specialist. And all because of Sqirrly. That makes it quite valuable on another level too, doesn’t it?

Squirrly took me, a non SEO user to an EXPERT SEO Star!

(Well almost, I am getting there!) Its so user friendly! It raises my confidence daily!

So lets talk about the Value of Squirrly

  1. It truly give us the ability to know that our posts are going to be seen and ranked. No more guess work!
  2. It helps us to understand the process of SEO
  3. It means that our readers are seeing posts that are really valuable
  4. It is a highly valuable plugin on WordPress.
  5. It also has its Affiliate Program So you can start another profit stream!

What about the Pricing of Squirrly?

There is a free program which is best if you are only doing 5 posts per month. Otherwise there is the Pro Version that is Squirrly on steroids. LOL. Which runs about $20 per month. Whether you do 5 posts or 50 posts per month, give it a try with the freebie to get the hang of it.

Then if you fall in love with it, like I have. Click here to buy the pro version. It is so worth it for your own peace of mind and growing success. 

You are wanting Analytics TOO? Well look right here!

Oh and guess what else Squirrly offers? Site Analytics! Yes really!  You can actually find out how your site is ranking on Google Rank, Social Shares, Inbound Links, Page Authority. Isn’t that beyond fantastic and helpful? 

And that means, that each time you log onto your dashboard in Squirrly it will tell you exactly how you are ranking. And THEN it tells you how to up your rankings. It will give you tips to help rank you better in all those analytics fields. Could we ask for anything more ?

Starting to see NOW why we all NEED to be using Squirrly? 



It actually tells you which keywords will work best!

If you are searching for keywords, you can input your search and a dropbox will open. In this space there will be other suggestions of what Keywords will be effective. So all in one space, we have this capacity to have the keyword search done and analytics too!

It also shows what other blog posts are using with your keywords. That helps to get the idea of traffic and what your audience is searching for. So Squirrly actually helps us to know what our competitors are doing and what is working. Are you sold now?

Here is a video by the creators of Squirrly to walk you  through all the parts of this fantastic plugin.

Squirrly offers us live guide lights as we are writing to tell us whether we are getting hotter or colder for higher optimization. So the highest you can rate is 100% As you write you can go from red light, to orange light to green light. These lights are used for two categories. Readability and SEO!


As we are working, we gain this understanding of what will make those lights turn green. I have to be honest here. I really feel like I am playing this game of who can do better!

In reality, each time I use Squirrly, I am so aware of becoming more and more of an expert. And start understanding what SEO really does for us.

Are you ready to start this new adventure to ranking on Google? If so click here to get started with SQuirrly. And I have to tell you, i am in my sixties and I can understand this process. So there is hope for everyone else. This is very user friendly! There is not a big learning curve.

And there are videos to explain all the processes. Do yourself a favor. Don’t wait and worry anymore about your posts ranking. Just go and check out this Squirrly Plugin !


Oh and I have to tell you this so helpful thing too.. guess what? When you ask for support in Squirrly, they get back to you so quickly! And they are so friendly and helpful.

That even in my old blonde moments,grin, they are there to walk me through with professionalism and no oh my goodness did she really ask that?? That means so much to me. To know they are so good at their support.

They even provide a simple chat box on the post to contact them. How perfect is that?


Ready to really hit the ground running? And get those posts seen? Well then jump into using squirrly plugin on your WordPress site today!

You will get optimization, SEO, ranking analytics , graphics and so much more!


Squirrly plugin is such a present to those of us who are Internet Marketers. It helps us to rank, and to understand how SEO works for us.

Give yourself the present of this kind of peace of mind. Try Squirrly free for a few days. And see what you think!

In peace and gratitude,


the place to know there are options!

If after reading this article you think you are ready to figure out how to learn to grow a new source of income and creativity, click here! 


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  • Interesting tool! Thanks for sharing this.

    • Hello Derek! So many thanks for dropping by and visiting. It is an amazing tool I hope you get a chance to use it. Sorry for the delay in getting back. Was hospitalized for a bit. Wishing you joy and peace. Ariel

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