THAT MONSTER HIDING UNDER OUR BED, just might be our gifts?

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I had this extraordinary conversation with a friend just yesterday. What if that ‘monster hiding under our beds’ metaphor, is the symbol of seeing our gifts? Being able to see past the fear and into the possibility of our own transformation?






Now, wouldn’t that be such an incredible turn of fear!

When we were very tiny and believed that there was a lurking monster hiding in our closet or under our bed, we called out for comfort and help. Not understanding that feeling of being surrounded by the darkness, we did not yet have the skill sets of dealing with perceived uncertainty.

Maybe that is also why many of us had a favorite teddy to hug during the night?


The beautiful symbolism is that the darkness is the holder of all possibility. Scientists have stopped referring to the deep blackness of our universe as the nothingness. But now find that everything is held in that beautiful dark matter.

So would not the same hold true for our fears? We determine what is fear by our own sense of vulnerability and lack of knowing. Maybe, fear is just an illusion. We have been taught to fear the unknown. But if we learn to know the blackness, we uncover the joy of being on this journey.



For instance, rather than seeing the darkness as insurmountable, we know by experience that when a light is turned off, somehow even in the total darkness, we can figure out how to stumble and possibly knock into something, but we do make our way into the next room. A prime example of facing our not knowing. We just somehow know we can navigate the darkness.

There it is! Navigating the perceived darkness shows our strengths and our gifts! We are amazing beings! Yet how often do we truly give ourselves credit for all the hard work we do in the blackness of our lives?


I would love to try an experiment with your help, dear reader. Every time we find ourselves on the precipice of fear, ask the universe to show us what gifts we are seeking. We just might be amazed by what comes forward. Will we learn we have far more courage that we thought? Or the ability to turn fear into laughter?

What incredible new life skills would step forward in this quest? Do we finally find out how to use the darkness as the vehicle to transformation?

Isn’t this incredibly freeing! It really excites me to think that fear is not our nemesis. Instead, it is our guide to finding our own depths.

Wow, imagine if we took the time to truly understand that being human is a totally acceptable mode of living? That our fears are only that if we choose to label them with such import. Fear! So fear is the darkness that we choose to honor rather than the light of possibility?





I don’t think so! I love the concept that we are in charge of our being afraid or unafraid. That gives me great courage. In other words, if I decide to not be afraid, that changes my interaction with the moment of darkness.

Huh, not only does the young child in my past saunter up with mock bravado, but the grown woman in me rises and says, you are absolutely right. I am not claiming my fear. I see it there, but I am knocking it out of my way! It only exists in my mind. Which also means, move outta here. I am in charge!

Imagine every parent telling their child that they understand they might be uncomfortable in the darkness. And that they can also find their courage there. Can you foresee how children would then develop their own skills of self prowess and comfort? And the darkness would be perceived for the gifts it bestows.

We as adults, can take our new-found skills where ever we need them. I think this pertains also to our ability to create our own online business. I know there are times when we are faced with the questions of can we really do this? Can we make our online business thrive? Or do we fear that will we fail?

In this darkness of doubt there also lives hope and yes we can do it. We just have to tell our own darkness and fear that I am loving myself so hard, nothing but love would dare to touch me! And our indomitable courage steps forward.





For we have now learned that turning the darkness into our beacon of possibility brings us incredible opportunity and comfort. Yes!

So each time it feels like the sun is going down on our hearts, feel the excitement that new gifts are getting ready to show themselves. And awaken to the light of knowing we are so courageous and capable!

I would love to hear your stories of how your gifts come forward.

I know we can rock this! Comment below. I will answer.

In peace and gratitude, ariel









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