RETIREMENT AND BABY BOOMERS, changing the status quo!

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never settle

The idea of reinventing retirement is a really big one, for we, the baby boomers. We have lived life with experiential expectations of doing more and stepping out of the box. So perhaps it is not such a surprise that we are also responsible for undoing the status quo of retirement. Retirement and baby boomers. It is almost an oxymoron!

We are so ready to re-invent this next chapter of ours. Whether it is continuing to work far beyond traditional retirement age, or starting our own business. Many of us are opting for community service. Or volunteerism. Or staying in our jobs with a lighter load of a work week.

There is also a sense of wanting life to now be the adventure we always expected. Did you know that there are even Baby Boomer travel clubs? People getting online to find other travel partners. How exciting is that?

And knowing that 8,000 of us are retiring daily, leaves a plethora of options on the table. I think that all of us are seeking a different form of satisfaction and new challenges. Along with new kinds of stimulation of our senses and our brains.

the adventure begins

There are always some challenges. But within those challenges are also options.

So what does retirement look like to you?


According to AARP, two-thirds of baby boomers are facing discrimination in the workplace. That makes finding a traditional position a bit of a risk. But not without options. It just brings us to a place of being able to truly define this moment.

It comes down to determining how and why we want to live in this next chapter of our lives. What we physically capable of? What are we willing to invest in emotionally and financially? How are we willing to use our time? And why do we want to do something? Can we define what we are looking for?

All of these questions are insightful road maps for decision-making. Being able to answer them also helps us to forge this new path.

new path

At our age, I think challenges are no longer obstacles, but rather doors that we just have not opened yet.
Do you agree?

Many of us are single. Which presents us with both a sense of growing our own worlds and wanting to decide if we are needing or wanting partnering. Or perhaps just companionship.

I have observed that many baby boomers, especially women are searching for our tribe. We are wanting the comfort of community of women, to share meals with or just have a friend to hang out, or go for a hike.
I suspect men who have spent their entire lives working are now also searching for community and camaraderie.

All of us want to be a part of the greater ideal of living in vibrancy, and not grow old alone. So it is not surprising that baby boomers also make up a very large segment of online dating sites. Whether we are looking for marriage or companionship, it is an outlet that was not available to our parents.

together we create


Did you know that 21% of us baby boomers are choosing to be entrepreneurs at this new stage of our lives? How exciting is that? We have worked all our lives for others, so it makes sense that now we are wanting to forge a path that grows our own capabilities. That takes a lot of ready to jump in and take charge attitude. And it also an outlet that was not available to the previous generations. We are at a space in time knowing we are able to do so much more than our parents’ generation.

For me it has been a time of great inner reflection. I see things differently. I know how I want to use my time and what is most meaningful to my own inner truth. I no longer want to be busy just to be busy. I want intrinsic value and to be of service.

So our options are truly unlimited. We can travel. We can enhance our community in some ways of being in service. Reading to children, We can choose vibrancy. However, that looks to us. We can define this journey to our standards not any longer to societal expectation of what retirement looks like.

start up

I really like that 21% of us are choosing to start our own businesses to grow and thrive. For me recently choosing to go into an online business, has been a journey of empowerment and joy.I have started my own online Affiliate Marketing blog. Click here if this intrigues you. It is a marvelous opportunity to make an income.

I have two websites. And I am loving the opportunity to blog. I am meeting people from all over the globe, and seeing myself as very capable. Even discovering skill sets that I did not know I had. And truly feeling empowered by all I have learned. All the while not shying away from the technical logistics, because there is community and support 24/7.

The concept that we are all able to see our lives now as full of options truly changes the way we live. And it is so inspiring. It is a freedom that comes with age and knowing who we are.



As ones who lived through Woodstock, Watergate, Civil Rights, Vietnam, and fast paced technology, we are not ones to just follow. This stage of our lives gives us the freedom to make choices that we are no longer depended on our family responsibilities.

We are no longer active parenting. Although there are many of us being caretakers for our parents, or sick spouses. And some of us have our grown children still living with us.

Even with all of that, we are still hopefully able to break out at times of a shell that held us back. We are realizing we are living in a stage of our lives with more freedom than ever before. It is both incredibly inspiring and freeing, and also daunting. After all, we have been the backbone for so many years. And now for some of us, there is not even a schedule or infrastructure.

That gives us the opportunity to redefine our lives as this stage. It means we can search for community or fulfill our expanded bucket list.

This moment is our to forge. We are own explorers of self and possibility.Let’s not limit ourselves anymore.

never stop dreaming


We are truly living in a unique situation of being retirement age. It is no longer determined by how we should be but rather how we choose to be. That is an amazing feat And it opens all of us up to the concept of living large by our own definition.

Many of us now have the time to be of service. Many of us will find the adventure of a lifetime beckoning. Or try our hands at the creative life we were always secretly harboring. It is our choice now.

The best part of all of this is there is no longer a paradigm that we have to fit into. We get to be the decision makers on how we want to go through this next part of our own self written play.

active elders

We are no longer beholden to what old looks like. We are mostly active, participatory and looking for vibrancy.
That certainly changes what retirement used to look like and be like. We are only hampered by our own stumbling blocks of choice. And we get to define what old looks like.

So the idea that everything is possible, makes it a marvelous time to be retiring. Here is to all of us baby boomers who are willing to throw off the afghans on our couches and dive into a new adventure.

For those of us who are not dealing with disabling disease, perhaps we are not as able to be mobile. But even in disease, as I have lived it, there are unexpected gifts, filled with joy and hope.

joy and hope

We are being blessed with the freedom to go deep inside and truly see our truth, and then act on it. And live it.
May we all thrive.

What does your sense of retirement look like for you?

I would really like to hear what how you are defining your next act.


Many thanks for sharing your world with me!

If you are interested in starting your own online business click here. Its a fantastic journey. And I will available with any help you might need.

In peace, gratitude and so much joy!

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