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It is amazing to me how blogs have become so huge. I am fascinated by the topics and the way writers direct their words. Since we now can all become instant writers and publishers, it is indeed a new frontier. For me deciding to become a blogger was an offshoot of having been writing.

Deciding to actually take the plunge and become a full time blogger, was both elation and realization of the work ahead. So if you are ready to set up your own blog, let’s get started!

When you Google resources for blogging there is a wealth of information out there. Don’t be overwhelmed. I can offer you some suggestions. First off, starting blogging means you need to have a website and hosting. If you go for free website you cannot monetize your site. And don’t we all need that option!

And if they are offering you amazing results, quickly, walk away. Leave your credit card in your pocket. It is really hard to know what is real out there. Research and then research more! Trust your gut.

After much researching and then some scammy experiences, I found Wealthy Affiliate. I felt right away that this was a real opportunity with real results. Wealthy Affiliate offers you all the tools you need. You can even start out with a free trial. And they offer both website and hosting. With options for 25 websites!

At Wealthy Affiliates you will find all the training you need. Support is 24/7. And let’s not forget the global community that is always ready to answer questions.

I know Wealthy Affiliate has completely changed my life. Click here for full information. And do join us!

Now that you have the option for your website and hosting. It’s on to finding your niche.


One of the hallmarks’ of a successful blogger is deciding what niche they are going to pursue. For instance if you are a cat lover, that is a huge niche with a huge audience. But to get your share of being seen, what specifically can you provide about cats that is both your passion and way to resolve an issue? Is it cat litter? Or cat psychology? Cat humor?

Finding your niche means truly drilling down until you found a specific spot that solves a dilemma for your readers. Then figure out exactly what your demographics of your audience is. Female? Age? Socioeconomic? Where do they shop?

Go to your desk, open up the computer and write down everything you know about your niche.
The reason for doing this is that it helps you know where to find your audience. This is really critical. We want our material to be read.


Once you can define your audience, then you can find where to share your information. For each blog you write, we need to know there is someone reading it.

Finding out specific demographics for our niche means we know exactly where to find our audience. Do they hang out more in FaceBook or LinkedIN? Or Instagram? Twitter? Google plus? So many options.

Once you know where your audience is, create community by joining in conversations on social media. And then post your blogs on those sites. Or at least offer thoughts on sites. Also, guest blog on other people’s sites. That builds up trust and audience.


When writing content think about what you respond to. Interesting? Engaging? If your content is dry, not authentic, or engaging, and humorless, people might not stay on your page. So work towards a style of writing that is conversational. Think about how we talk to our friends.This is really important if you are striving for success. No one wants to read boring. And offer informational tidbits that will define you as an authority on the subject.


One of the things we bloggers use daily is our keyword search tool. Keywords are the way we know Google will find and rank our articles.

The keyword search tool is called Jaaxy. And like Wealthy Affiliate, it gives you a free trial of 30 searches. This tool is invaluable for finding your keywords for each article. In other words, we need a title to each article that will be ranked by Google. Researching these keywords or phrases help to determine whether or not your article will be on page 1 or way under at page 3 million!

So right away we can see how keywords and Search engine Optimization (SEO) is the key to our success. I hope you will try this tool for your new business. I have found it invaluable. Click on the logo for more information.


That is the process! But let’s be honest here. It is not an overnight success It is a willingness to know this is a long haul. There is a learning curve, and loads of writing, and patience for traffic to start building. Our sites are only as good or profitable as the traffic that finds us. So getting out there and making sure your audience finds you, is critical to success.

Also, know that once you have monetized your sites by placing affiliate ads, such as Amazon or Shareasale, etc. It is a waiting game. Once the first sale starts coming in, you can see exponential growth each month. And it might come from just one or two sources. Know that it is working for you 24/7.

The amazing part of the internet is that you can post something, send out to the vast internet ethers and forget about it. Then one day you get an email saying you just received a commission.

There are 4 billion people on the internet. That is a huge audience. Know that if you are providing content that is interesting, exciting, problem solving you will be found. As long as you are working daily to connect with your audience in authenticity.

I wish you great success. I am here to answer any questions. I know this is a journey of a long haul. So be patient with yourself. The rewards are absolutely amazing.


It is hard to fully explain the changes that have happened to me since I have started this journey. I feel them so deeply.

Here are a few I can put into words:

I feel so much more empowered

I have more confidence.

I am using my voice in ways that inspire others, as I inspire myself.

I have learned invaluable skills of setting up a website, dealing with technical issues, and learning blogging.

I have connected with people all over the world.

I have direction.

I am experiencing great clarity and focus.

I am doing something I absolutely adore!

I get up every morning excited to see what gems I will discover.

And each new day, I now know there is another miracle awaiting.

Join me in this amazing journey!

Best wishes, ariel

Do comment below. I want to here what your thoughts are. Tell me about your success or any questions you have. I am happy to answer!

















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  • Hi Ariel,

    This was a very fun and light read on the topic of blogging and monetizing it for financial gain. I enjoyed reading it. If I wasn’t already writing my own blogs, your blog would definitely light the fire under my bottom to begin considering writing. I look forward to reading more.

    • Hello John! So many thanks for being here and the encouraging words. I do hope you will come back. I wish you great success with your blogs.Best wishes, ariel

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