QUIZ TO SUCCESS…do you want to know?

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You know how we are always wanting more? More money? Or more fill in the blank? But the truth is, are we willing to do the work for more? So I started thinking about what would I need to know. And how to prove to myself I was willing to do the work to get the more I want.

This is what came forth, a pseudo quiz. Walk along with me. I think this might be fun and possibly illuminating. First rule, no judging of self! This is just a getting acquainted with where we are right now, OK?



Take these questions with both seriousness and a slice of humor please! Here we go!

1. If you could choose between having one marshmallow right now, or wait 5 minutes and have two, which do you choose?

2. Do you rush through your tasks or take your time?

3. If you are feeling disappointment, do you allow yourself to stay disappointed?

4. When something does not go as planned, do you choose to find other options, or just walk away?

5. You have decided to have your own business, are you fully committed enough to work even if it is slow going?

6. Your coffee spills first thing in the morning and you decide it is going to be an awful day.

7. If something feels hard to do how do you respond? Drop out, figure it out, or reach for ice cream?

8. Is your default method to doubt yourself?

9. How much time will you devote to your own success? Whatever it takes or when I feel like it?
10. How do you define determination? Long haul, short haul?


Wow! How did it feel to answer these questions? Did you see some sort of emerging pattern? I truly hope it was just an eye-opening experiment in knowing ourselves.

When I asked myself these questions, this is what I found out:

1. I have had to train myself to wait for the second marshmallow because then not only do I deserve it more, grin, but I also learned to delay instant gratification so that I could get to my end goal.

2. Rushing through tasks? Hmm, this was another gee, I don’t want to answer this. I am a reformed type A personality. But here is what came to me. When I take my time with my tasks, I not only do a better job. I also respect the process so much more. There becomes a bit of being in the present. That makes me more successful in doing well, or at least better.

3. Disappointment? Arghh. Sometimes things don’t go as fast as I think they should. I have the choice to either be completely frustrated or decide to step back and just observe the process. When I allow the process to show itself, it usually comes with a better understanding of the situation. Maybe I needed an unexpected life lesson here?

4. It is so easy to walk away when something is tough. I know this story. I am sure we all do. I have been amazed at how strong I have become just because I made the choice to not walk away.Rather, stay in the fray and figure it out. Its is so empowering.

5.OK congrats on choosing to have your own business. Are you ready for the 24/7 commitment to it? And to yourself? Have you sat down and made a flow chart to help keep the motivation going?

6. So you just put on your brand new dress, and somehow suddenly are wearing your coffee. Oh we do not like that. But here’s the rub. Do you stamp your feet and get over it? Or stamp your feet and decide it is going to be a miserable day? I have learned that a day is only what we determine it to be. If I see it as lousy, Well guess what, the Universe obliges and give me lousy.

So I much rather stamp my feet for a few minutes. Then shake it off.  Because I am not about to be deterred by a small cup of coffee.

7. Success is how we write it on our psyche. Determining something is hard is only saying it is hard. That does not mean it is not possible to solve it or change it. So go get the ice cream with a huge spoon and figure out your next step. You got this.

8. Hard thought. If my default is lessening myself, then it is going to be a really uphill struggle to success. So am I willing to rethink what my true capabilities are? If my new thought process is to have complete faith that I will learn how to negotiate my obstacles, there is no mountain I cannot cross.

9. Time. How do we define our use of time? If we are willing to invest fully in ourselves, that means we devote all the time we need. It also means if you are overwhelmed or stressed, we take care and give ourselves a short break of 30 minutes. That allows a reshuffling of thought and vision.

10. Determination. Bingo! We either have it or we don’t. We cannot order it from Dunkin Donuts. We are talking about long term determination. Days leading to months, months leading to years. Determination that shows YES WE CAN!

To all of us ready to take this journey to success, may we be blessed with showers of blessings and the fortitude to follow our passion of serving all that we really know about ourselves. Here is to us!

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Great job!

Let me know what you thought about this quiz.

Comment below. I look forward to your comments.












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