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I think one of the most interesting things about technology is that those of us concerned about affording retirement, now have options we would not have dreamed about 20 years ago!

Having an online business means we hold the reins to living in an easier financial space as we age. And the best part of it is …we can stay cuddled in our pajamas snuggling a cup of tea.

This is the age of having an online retirement business!


If like many boomers, we have not quite gotten the idea of preparing for retirement, we are somewhat in a quandary of what might be our options.

For me, I did not prepare for being comfortable in my shall we say, yummy golden years. So looking for options has been a bit of a downer. In fact, it has made me feel quite out of place and old.

So I started thinking out of the box. What skills do I have that does not require me to go for 5-8 hours to a retail store daily to get a small hourly wage?

Because wherever I went for an interview, I just knew there were many much younger bodies waiting for that position. And they would get that position, I would not.

Rather than get really ageist about this, I decided this is the perfect time for me to explore. This was not a closed door but a lovely opening to who knows what? I loved the idea of it being a bit of surprise and adventure.

I began my journey to online business. I mean this really fit the bill. I could work when I wanted to. Make my own hours, create my own schedule and grow my own business. Wow, this sounded like a great win- win.

I researched many options. I signed up for a few classes and opportunities. I fell on my face! Some opportunities were really get rich schemes to help the owners get rich quick! Not the workers. That taught me what to look for in online opportunity.

First off, if there is a large up front outlay. Walk away. Put your credit card back into your wallet. And turn away. When they are asking for money, they have to be willing to put up something for it. Some companies just assume you are willing to part with thousands of dollars. Not me!

So after dealing with a few “opportunities” that were not quite what I would have called opportunities for me, I started discriminating what I was looking for.

And then just as I was stepping into the idea that I was ready for new adventure, Wealthy Affiliate showed up!

I just got an email talking about writing your passion. And it struck a chord! We all have experiences that have shown up as our gifts as we walk towards retirement. We are ripe with stories and adventures, and wisdom. Why not share that?

I signed on to Wealthy Affiliate, looking very closely for flaws and signs that perhaps this might not work. But instead what I found was amazing!

First off, there is a FREE TRIAL! Wow, that is really novel!

Then there is the training. They offer in depth up to date training on how to start affiliate marketing and blogging. The beginning training modules are called Certification Classes. You actually get all the basics you need to start creating a website within days!

As one who has not been to school in decades, I was really concerned if I could do the classes and understand the material. I was really wrong to even doubt the process. Each module is presented with both written and video parts. So there is no misunderstanding of the process. And at the end of each module there are people to contact if you have questions.

The co-founders Kyle and Carson, have created a vehicle that is designed for empowerment and success. It is so phenomenal to find owners that are also reachable. The support is world-class. Within minutes, you usually get a response .

The community of Wealthy Affiliate is totally supportive 24/7. And if we cannot afford to travel right now, you can talk to anyone all over the globe. The community is worldwide.

But most of all, there is this lovely sense of can do it! That no matter, background, age or socioeconomic status, there is a place for all at Wealthy Affiliate. This is the perfect equalizer for success.

I so hope you join me in this amazing journey. It has completely changed my world, my life, my outlook. I have more focus, clarity and determination. And I understand that this is process.

We are not talking about a get rich quick scheme. We are talking about a step by step process to building a long term business that will offer us ease as we get into retirement and beyond.

Please don’t hesitate to leave comments or questions below! I look forward to hearing from you!

This is our time for reinvention and great opportunity. Blaze our own trails today!











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