Oh No…Do I look Fat?

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Oh No! Do I look FAT? 

How many times do we ask our family and friends that question? Do I look fat? I think what the question really means is.. can  you see that bag of potato chips I just ate all by myself? Or maybe not, grin.

But seriously many of us are asking” do I look fat” because we might feel uncomfortable. Or maybe we just would like to lose a couple of pounds, to not have to ask that question. So what do we do?

do i look fat

And although the weight loss industry is huge there are so many voices. So who do we listen too?

Enter the end of Do I look fat question!

I was excited and surprised when I learned there is a CBD oil product that actually helps to cut down our cravings and suppress our appetite naturally. So I wanted to share it with you.

Its called Pure Hemp CBD Weight Loss Oral Spray. So cool, its an oral spray that you can use several times a day. And oral sprays are so fast acting. Because it allows for quicker absorption, it immediately goes into our bloodstream and cells, its 90% effective!

The ingredients are 60 mg of CBD oil and naturally occuring hydroxcitric acid (HCA).This is the active ingredient in Garcinia Cambogia that helps us to lose weight.

I really like the idea that naturally occuring ingredients are being used in this product. And how easy to use. Just spray it 6  times per day! Easy peasy and no more” do I look fat” questions!

do i look fat

And just think how our beloveds won’t have to deal with that question any more! What a gift for them, grin!

CBD is found as a natural ingredient in our bodies.

So using CBD oil actually strengthens the endocannabinoid system. Which is actually the bridge to all of our systems. It keeps our homeostatis just as it needs to be. Using CBD oil daily insures that our systems are optimized and healthy.

Join me in this amazing journey to change lives and bring loads of vibrant health! Be a customer or an affiliate.Click here and Just come and shine!

If you choose to be an Affiliate, welp guess what? ABSOLUTELY no start up costs!  And you get two free websites.




To me one of the most amazing things about CBD oil is that since it’s naturally occuring in our body, we get to enhance our systems. Just using CBD oil allows our bodies to function at a much higher level of well being. I so do like that, do  you?

So back to weight loss, what is your goal? What do you need to lose?

This spray will help us to curb the cravings and increase metabolism. All with natural ingredients. Does that work for you? It certainly works for me. So no more Do I look fat questions!

And do know that all these products are 100% LEGAL! It is made from the Hemp plant. And our plants are Non GMO, and no pesticides.  That to me is what we want to always put in our bodies. No pesticides or chemicals. I am sure that matters to you too? 

Fun tidbits about Hemp.. ready? 

Hemp History Facts:

  • First American Flag was made from Hemp
  • George Washington and Thomas Jefferson both grew Hemp
  • Ben Franklin made Hemp paper
  • The Declaration of Independence was drafted on Hemp
  • Hemp was used as rope for ships, and it was a required crop in the American colonies
  • Hemp has been grown for the last 12,000 years
  • Hemp was used as money in the 1800s
  • Not growing Hemp was grounds for jail time
  • Over 25,000 products can be made with Hemp

And did you know that the CBD market will be worth billions by 2020? So if you are interested in working at home, this is the time to get involved. Just click here

How does CBD help in our system?

  1. Relieves Anxiety
  2. Reduces risk of artery blockage
  3. Neuroprotective
  4. Anti-inflammatory
  5. Relieves pain
  6. Promotes Bone Growth

do i look fat

Oh and if you are ready to stop smoking but not able to do so? CBD Oil is there to the rescue.


We are forever asking that questions aren’t we? But in reality we really already know the answer. We just don’t always want to admit we know the answer. So do we ask because we think our loved ones will say, ‘oh honey you look just beautiful.”
Without really answering, yes?

So enter Pure Hemp CBD Weight Loss Oral Spray. It works with our system to curb our hunger cravings and enhance our metabolism. With only 6 sprays per day. Its 60 mg of CBD oil and Hydroxcitric Acid.

And in true form for our endocannabinoid system, this spray enhances what is naturally occuring and stengthens our well being.

If you are interested in joining me as we create huge waves of well being please do click here. For we are offering this opportunity to let us all take part in helping to change lives.

The benefits are outstanding. NO cost to start your own business. And the products change lives. It’s 100% LEGAL. NO THC.

We are creating our own health revolution here. 

The prediction is that very shortly, CBD oil will be in everyone’s medicine cabinet.

Why not?

Mother Nature gave it to us, yes?

In peace and gratitude,

Founder Yeswecancreatewealth.com

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