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I have always celebrated my path as one who does not follow the pack. As a baby boomer, hippie, non mainstream world person, that also meant that I did not plan for financial comfort for my retirement.

In fact, I probably railed against it. You know the story, hippies don’t deal with money, we thrive on love.  So here it is retirement time and ooops, not enough money in retirement!

And you know what? It does not feel good.

And it feels like somehow I let myself down. As a woman, it feels like a double whammy, because well, guess what, the Prince Charming was a frog. So the fairy tales my mother loved, had not any basis in how my life went.

Sound familiar?

This is when the story changes themes and goes, well then lady, whatever are you going to do?

Umm, I am not sure!

Do you know this feeling? Do you know this story? Are you living this?

For all of us baby boomers who are also living alone, it raises questions. Of our security, being part of community and our health. But mostly for me, it raises the fact that so many of us are living in sub par conditions that do not take into consideration of how our last chapter is going to play out.

And that we did not plan for it, becomes truly problematic.

That really got me thinking. If so many of us did not plan for the future and now it’s here, what are our options?


There is also the sense that we are somehow looking for our tribe. Looking for that sense of belonging and still being so vibrant and capable. After all, 60 and 70 look nothing like our parents or grandparents generations. So we are still young at heart.

I am not sure how you feel about this. But I feel like I am truly ready for new adventure and options.

Well there is always the family option, if we are that lucky. Move in with a relative and hope we are being an integral part of their lives. Or renting a space with other baby boomers and creating our own community.  Or making due with where we are currently living. And hope that the rent is not increased.

What do we want at this moment?

I know for me, I want the financial freedom to have a choice.  I am not willing to be a burden to anyone. And I am not willing to wait for my kids to come bring me food!

Again, what do we want at this moment? What are we willing to change in our lives to find our comfort? How can we take charge?


Those questions led me to a discussion with myself. What is it that I really want? And how will i decide to take charge?

So I started looking at options. The one thing that I know is that fixing my worries about finances gives me options. The other thing I know is that I am not an employee option. I am on disability and will not probably fit into a brick and mortar working situation. So that left me with some holes. Where do I go to find income?

Playing the lottery did not seem to be the answer.

I started researching online options.  And as I worked through the many scams,I finally found my home in Wealthy Affiliate.

It is the best online affiliate marketing platform anywhere. You will have full access to amazing training, 24/7 support and a global community! It is not a get rich quick scheme.

It is a way to build an online presence to offset our social security and give us so many options!

I hope you take a moment a see if this works for you. It has completely changed my life. And has given me incredible direction and hope!


I found that when I am finally clear on what direction I need to go in, that is when I find clarity and her sister focus show up. But it is about doing some real soul searching .

Ultimately, we have to find the answers that we are truly willing to commit to.

And that was something that can be difficult. What kind of time are we willing to give to a new endeavor? What are we willing to learn if need be?

Do we have the capability to be self driven and motivated?

hurray for baby boomers


At this point, I think we all know the stats about us amazing baby boomers! There are some of us who have been bequeathed legacy from family. There are others who are just scraping by. We are a group who understands work ethics. And we also really understand what customer service means. And how we want to be served.

There are over 77 million of us! That is a huge population that needs to be served!  According to the AARP 10,000 of us are retiring daily! The majority of baby boomers are planning to be working beyond retirment. And many are supporting their grown children.

A large portion of us had to stop working even prior to retirement because of illness or disability.

And did you know that baby boomers are considered highly entrepreneurial? Even more so than millenials.

According to a report from Vanguard, 46% of us are not prepared for financial stability in retirement.

On the flip side, baby boomers have the highest disposable income. 70% of all disposable income is from baby boomers.

That is one huge demographic!


affirmations of going forward

We have created our own singular path, we can indeed celebrate that.

And also acknowledge that in this new space of our journey we have so many more options that our parents had.

We can be more mobile, opt for off the grid living, or create an entirely new life in retirement. We are not held on to by geographics locations.

There, in my belief system, is always a way to find other ways to live and thrive in retirement. It is just the ability to be resourceful and not let our fears guide us.  This is an amazing time to celebrate new doors opening..and continually enriching our lives.

path in the road

I hope you will know that we do have options!

I am looking forward to hearing about how you are choosing your options!

I am happy to answer any questions you might have about Wealthy Affiliate !

In peace and gratitude, ariel








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