Network Marketing Home Based Business, it’s the NOW vehicle

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network marketing home based business

Network Marketing Home Based Business? Wow that is really a hot topic now isn’t it? So what does that even mean?

Ok back track. Network Marketing is also called MLM. Multi Level Marketing. And there were times it was not a scrupulous place to participate.

Legally the law came down on the earlier MLM businesses that were not behaving ethically. Now this is no longer the case. If there is any impropriety it will get shut down. So it’s no longer a place of shady happenings.

Now, its the place to be. Wanna know why?

Because we are getting that our work jobs at our offices are not able to promote us much beyond what we can see in 5 years. We work harder, put in longer hours, and don’t get paid more.  How frustrating is that? 

And is that not the quote of Einstein… insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome?

network marketing home based business

Because, otherwise we are spending our time dependent on someone else to write our paycheque. And someone else to determine whether or not we can get a raise.

That opens new doors, doesn’t it?

In Network Marketing, we can decide our own path. For real! We make our own hours, write our own goals. And then work really hard to make it all happen. The difference is that we are doing it for ourselves.


network marketing home based business

Mark Yarnell said: “Given the possiblity of earning more each month working from home than a pediatric cardiologist with a staff of 10 earns a years at his clinic. wouldn’t any sane person be willing to invest a year or two of studying MLM? ” ( now granted not everyone becomes a millionaire, but it does indeed happen)

We can be so fully accountable that we make it happen. Does it take hard work, yup. But once you learn how to make it happen, you can just keep duplicating and then duplicating it again and watch your income rise.

And the joy is that you are growing your own team and business. You get to be the leader you were born to be!

network marketing home based business

In fact if you get past the first year of Network Marketing there is a huge probability that you will be successful.

Making $50-100k per year in Network Marketing is not a fantasy.

What Do We Need to Enter Network marketing Home Based Business? 

So many people are making it happen. And now we can work online which means we can talk to the entire globe.

The choice is whether or not we are willing to put in the work for the first 1-4 years to see what can really happen. Do know right up front, the first year is beyond challenging.

And we need to be willing to do the steps to learning about the business model including learning how to recruit, learning how this business works, and then doing the work.

In fact as my mentor teaches us, we gotta learn to earn.  The more we learn and then implement, the sooner we see results.

Is this interesting to you?

It is certainly to me. I really like the idea that my income is completely based on my own desire to produce. That I can hold a vision and goal, that is totally mine. And dependent on my own work commitment.

So how did I make my decision for which company to join as an Affiliate?

My ethical needs were :

1 the compensation model is fair and generous

2. the product truly changes lives

3. the opportunity is outstanding 

4. the product pricing is fair and not overpriced

But hey, listen to this phenomenal statistic. 


So doesn’t that just give you pause?

And it appeals to every age group. From teenagers to beyond the baby boomers. Because the opportunity is here, now.

And especially for those looking at debt. Or those of us whose retirement income is just not cutting it. Or the ones who are determined to retire really early and just travel or do service work.

I mean who would not want to have the freedom to be creating and designing their own life? On their own terms?

Which also means there is a huge hungry market out there of people ready to get started. And again, we now don’t just have a local market, we truly have a global market, yes?






Before you jump into any business, do your research first. Ask these questions:

  1. Who are the owners and leaders?
  2. Do you like the product?
  3. Can you feel confident in the compensation program?
  4. Are they pushing you to buy product?
  5. Are they willing to give you free websites?
  6. What kind of training are they offering?

And then how do you figure into this scenario? 

  1. Is the product something that is ethical to you?
  2. Can you see yourself selling this product?
  3. Are you ready to work hard?
  4. Are you willing to be highly visible and positive?

Sometimes the larger challenge is ourselves. Are we ready to get out of our heads and into just doing? Because otherwise we are being a slave to our own self doubt.

network marketing home based business

I have to say that is why Network Marketing truly appeals to me. It means I can show me who I really am. And live it each day even better than the day before. Talk about empowerment! This is it in action.


Do you think you are ready to join in this new opportunity to create and design your own life? Isn’t it so amazing that many of us are leaving traditional working conditions to do just that.

Do know what the business is and how it is run before you run headlong into it. Ask someone you respect that knows Network Marketing to check it out first for you. Make sure it meets all your ethical considerations.

Then be ready to work hard. And learn all you can. And then see the results start to build.

What are your thoughts on Network Marketing?

Oh, if you are wanting to get into the field I chose, CBD oil is changing lives. Creating health. To me it means I get to help direct people to a way of living without pain.

That means so much to me. So I am of service and I can show others how to create financial comfort. Ready to take part in this adventure with me? Just click here. 

In peace and gratitude,

Founder CEO,


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  • One thing I rarely see talked about is how robots in the near future will start replacing people in various jobs. Like truck drivers being replaced by auto-driving trucks, baristas being replaced by coffee making robots, etc.

    If a huge number of people find themselves without a job, how are they going to be able to make money to pay the bills and put food on the table? Especially middle-aged folks who, because of ageism, are less likely to be hired elsewhere?

    That’s a great reason to look at starting your own home business. It can supplement an existing income and even replace it in time. It also provides a cushion against an unexpected job loss.

    Building a home business puts control in your hands so you’re not at the mercy or whims of some company.

    • OH that is so well said Gary! I think we need to truly know what is coming forward.And start actively seeking what our dream is and how to get there. And the best part of it as you said.. it cannot be taken away from us. Thank you so much for your insight and being here. IN peace and gratitude, ariel

  • Great article, Ariel. You have touched on some very good points and they sure made me go – wow! There are so many opportunities to make a living online these days and the most important aspect of it all is this – applying oneself and being consistent, and most importantly of all…staying the course.
    Thanks for the information and much success.

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