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Blogging is such a great way to learn your voice and have a presence online. It is the ultimate home business.The idea of blogging can be challenging to start with.  But after we do decide our niche, then we know what to write about. The huge question is how do we get traffic to our blog. And if we don’t have traffic, we don’t earn money. So we really have to research how monetizing happens and what options are out there. That is where this Ebook comes in called Make Money Blogging!

Please understand that blogging is not an easy job. And it is a job. It has to be treated as a job. That means you put in time daily and do your research and keep writing. At least 3-5 blogs per week.

I found this ebook called Make Money Blogging and  it lays out a way to do just that.

This is what the author from Modern Homestead says:

This is what you will learn from this ebook:


One of the most important things about a blog is getting the blog ready to make money.

Then its learning how to find the monetizing options specific to your blog and maximizing streams.

Did you know you can contact companies directly for sponsorships? She shows you how to contact them and determine your pricing structure.

And then all the tools that will ensure a profitable blog!

According to the author’s UPDATE:

In February 2017 I made $3000 and now make over $4500 every month !! Find out how! Making Money Blogging, is the ebook to a path of success!

I read this book and felt like I had found the blueprint I was searching for! It is so inspiring to know that all the work we put into our blog is about to really find its way to support us.   And the reminder that it takes work and patience and commitment.

And as the author repeatedly says, this is not a get rich quick way of making money. This is step by step growth that will ultimately pay off. We just have to be willing to put in the work, daily and very long term.

I really liked at the end how she prints out check off sheets to ensure that we follow up for progress and success.

At the end of the EBook she also offers some freebies that are quite worthwhile.

If you are ready to take your blog to the next level, Grab your copy of this book today!  In fact she makes the point that it is not just the amount of traffic that matters. It is leveraging the views you do get to make it profitable.

For all of us, very bright people out there wanting to make a change in our lives.Try this ebook! This is the ebook that will take you to the top.

And for being able to blog and create your own online business Wealthy Affiliate is the best vehicle. Best training, best value. You can even try it for free. Now is your time. Grab it! Change your life today!

I wish you great success with your online business. I would love to hear how you liked this Ebook.

And I am available for any questions when you choose to take the reins,change your life and join Wealthy Affiliate.

Yay! Life is here for us to dream it as we want it to be. Not joining the cubicle brigade!

I can’t wait to hear how your life changes!

Wishing you an incredible new journey to success!

















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  • I’m running a blog right now, but haven’t made any money yet. I know it depends on your niche, but how long does it take in your opinion for the typical beginner to see results? Good luck.


    • Hello Dan! Thanks so much for being here! I think that is the magic question that every blogger really wants to know. I do not think there is a magic number. It seems to be specific to content and traffic. So I guess we just have to keep on creating content and sharing! I know you will find your way. Just be patient. I have heard so many people give up in the first few months because nothing is happening. It is a game of patience and waiting. Some blogs do not show money happening for 6 months to a year. So just keep on doing it! It will happen. Best wishes, ariel

  • Hello. Being able to write 3 – 5 articles a week is very challenging. I can’t wait to read what this author suggests for picking ideas to write about or strategies for achieving such a large number of articles each week. Thanks for the recommendation.

    • Hello Claudette! So many thanks for reading this article.I know I feel the same. But I am really trying to do exactly that. Thanks so much for being here. I wish you incredible success. I want to hear what you do with your blog! ariel

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