IS YOUR BUSINESS A HOBBY? 10 questions to ask yourself

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Have we really thought about defining our home online business as a hobby or truly a business? Is your business a hobby? Is your business your future?

I think this a really serious quest to ponder. It determines how we intend to build our online opportunity.

Take a look at these questions and see if they resonate with you. Can you answer with complete clarity and truth?


1. Are we willing to invest time?

2. Will we schedule our day to allow our business time?

3. Are we taking this seriously?

4. How much time are we willing to give our business daily?

5. What are our steps to success?

6. Will we be easily distracted?

7. Are we willing to research and learn everything we need to become successful?

8. Are we excited about this opportunity?

9. Do we have people to support us in this quest, or can we motivate ourselves enough?

10. Commit to follow our dreams no matter what?

How did you do on these questions? Were the answers what you wanted to hear?

If not, what can you do about it? If so, what will you do to inspire yourself?


Starting a new business is a serious commitment. It means that we have the vision and drive to follow through. I often think of it as, how did I inspire myself today? Did I show determination and focus?

Be compassionate with yourself. Know how serious you are. Know that you are choosing to create a new lifestyle and options. We are in this for the long haul.

Prepare for success as a building process. It does not happen overnight. But it does happen, when no matter how long it takes, we commit to doing our work every day with whatever it takes to succeed.

So, I am asking you again…is this your hobby, or your life long business of success? Because now is the time to set in motion all that we can dream and be.

Wishing you great dreams and incredible actualization of success.











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