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Working from home might just be the next generation of opportunity. As technology changes, it is going to be up to us to find new ways to work and generate income.

So is working from home for you? Is it really what you want?

Working at home means there are things you just might have to give up:

The water cooler conversations

The office politics

The constant “yes” to your boss

The bumper to bumper commute daily

Endless meetings

Long hours of staying at the office and not seeing your family

Dry cleaning bills

Lunch expenses

Interoffice squabbles

Not having 5 minutes to yourself

Not being able to take lunch, again!

Or really savoring your tea or coffee with breakfast?

So think hard, if these are things you are willing to forego in your life, then maybe, just maybe you are ready for your new adventure! If so, click here.

But here is the thing, what are you willing to do for yourself, when you do work at home?

Working at home is not always just a cup of coffee and time for ice cream, grin. It means, we are willing to devote the time we would have at an outside office, to show up for ourselves.

Are we willing to treat our business as a business? With a schedule and a to do list? Are you a self starter? Are you driven by wanting to know you can do this?

If you said yes, then it sounds like you are ready for this new fantastic journey.

Find a space to devote as your office space. It can even be as simple as your kitchen table. Set it up with comfortable chair. Make sure you have great lighting. And decorate your space in ways that inspire you. Tape up affirmations, display pictures of where you might want to travel, see your new car.

Picture how your heart will look and feel when you have followed your dream.

Off you go then.




Its time to create: Yes I can!

Let me know if you are ready to join in your own revolution of YES I CAN!

Please comment below. I will happily reply and look forward to chatting with you!



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Comments 17

  • Ariel,
    I love your honesty!
    Truly, giving up those long commutes and time at the office. The gossip the hour showering and doing our hair and makeup. The huge rush in the morning to get everyone out the door but I think many people think that giving all of that up means “Now, I can sit around in my pj’s all day, play with my baby, and the money will just flow into my paypal account.” There is no “get rich quick” The reality is 60-90 days of HARD WORK to start pulling a profit. Right now, we have a work from home business that is not internet based. My husband goes out every day, rain or shine and fixes other people’s toilets, windows, faulty electricity etc. Don’t get me wrong, he loves the satisfaction of blessing others but it took 3 years for his handyman business to turn a profit! 60-90 days is PEANUTS compared to a “small, one man band ice cream, book, or handyman service store! Thanks for speaking the truth and reminding us that we need to be serious to make a business work.

    • Dear Heidi, I hear you! Kudos to your husband for doing this day in and day out! Doing our own business is not an easy path. But with all the changes going on in the tech field with even normal conventional jobs,I just knew that I had to be willing to jump in and let the flow happen! And I am hoping that in my own small way we are creating changes that will benefit others. You are so right! To make a business work is a huge commitment. And it takes determination and passion to stick with it when patience is not showing up! Best wishes to you! I am so happy to meet you. Many thanks for visiting, ariel

  • Hi, Ariel! Maybe thirty years ago, working from home would seem like a dream! But as technology changes, today there are definitely new ways to work and generate income. I’m very happy that I have stumbled upon your post, and I’m looking excited to learn more about these new opportunities. I’ll keep on reading your site and probably write to you again because I’ll have a lot of questions going forward. Thank you very much!

    • Hello Henry, please do look around. I am here to answer any questions if I can. I am very happy you stumbled upon my post. I think that is what pushed me to learn Affiliate Marketing because I knew that options were dwindling in the conventional sense of work. I love the freedom I have to create, and honestly I am working longer hours and loving it. Not that its necessary, just my proving to me that Yes I can!
      Looking forward to hearing from you. So many thanks for visiting. Wishing you amazing success in your journey. ariel

  • Ariel,
    Good article, you certainly highlighted both the positive and negative aspects of working from home. I have found that the toughest part for most people is to find the time to actually to actually sit down and dedicate a set amount of time to their business everyday. As you know, if you treat your business like a hobby, it will pay you like a hobby!
    Good advice and keep up the good work

    • David, so many thanks for visiting and commenting! And isn’t that true about everything we agree to take on. When I decided to do this I made a commitment to myself that I would treat this as my work. And actually it has been so intriguing I am overdoing it! grin..T I agree there is probably nothing harder than having to create your own schedule and stick to it!
      So glad you came by, wishing you great success. ariel

  • Working from home isn’t for everyone. For example if you’re going to wfh you will need discipline because there isn’t going to be someone standing over your shoulder making sure the job is getting done. On the other hand that is also a blessing. Although there are challenges with wfh I love it and would not trade it for a 9 to 5 job. I like choosing my own hours to work, and choosing when to take time off . I like having an office that is mobile and does not have four walls around me.

    Right now I am writing this comment from my patio over looking the lake. It beats fighting traffic.

    If someone is wanting to learn how to make money online I highly recommend the training that Wealthy Affiliate offers and not just the training but support from the community as well as co-owner Kyle.


    • Hello Don! So happy you stopped by! Finding the discipline I think is determined by our drive. I agree WA is a most unusual offer that really delivers! Enjoy your lake. Looking forward to hearing how your world is growing! wishing you well. ariel

  • Hi Ariel,

    I am currently starting to work from home even though I am still working a full-time job. I am currently doing internet marketing by building my own website and working on content to help others as well as get help and tips from others with regards to debt and debt consolidation. The most important think for my website is to be transparent and honest in my articles on pages and blogs to tell the audience that I am here and serious about financial issues and how to deal with debt, how to control our spending habits, how to start saving. I have read many books that talk about budgeting and tips to save money and to eliminate debt. I believe I can generate income from my website once I gain the trust from the audience have reliable sources to help out. Debt is a serious situation that is in the news and number of individuals is increasing. I can tell you that yes I can achieve financial independence and help others to become financially independent.

    • Hello Sam! It sounds like you have a great plan in place. I wish you great success. Dealing with our financial responsibility is indeed a major life skill. Glad you are tackling the issues directly with your website. thank you for visiting my site. Please do come back. ariel

  • Great article! I often think about this as I work on my home business. Right now, I work on it when I can and I am not that disciplined about getting things done. I know if I really want to work only at home some day I will need to seriously commit and stay on schedule. I like your idea of visualizing the future. Thanks!

    • Hello Leslie! Thank you so much for visiting my site. That is the challenge of a home business, our choice to see it as our work or our hobby.
      I would love to hear how you are visualizing your future. Best wishes for incredible success! ariel

    • Hello Leslie! So many thanks for taking the time to read the article and comment. And its true when we choose to see our business as truly our way of going forward it changes how we treat it. I know you will find your way and do great! Would love to hear more about your journey. Wishing you great joy in this adventure we call life! ariel

  • Hi, Ariel. I agree with you about the things I will give up if I were working at home. I love how you give me an idea about a dedicated place for working at home. Now I am writing wherever I can free from my little daughter distraction. I will try to create the dedicated space. Thanks for the idea.

    • Hello Melani, so glad you liked the article and the idea of a dedicated space! I hope it works as inspiration and success for you! Thank you so much for visiting my site. Wishing you great flowing success. ariel

  • No more water cooler conversations? No more meetings? No more bumper to bumper traffic? I’m ok with that.

    I love working for myself. No one but me tells me what to do. I’ve always disliked taking orders from people. Weird how i ended up in the United States Army….

    I think the common misconception of internet business owners is exactly how to put it “relaxing jackson!” but in all actuality we are some really hard working people.

    We work 12+ hours days regularly starting out. This does change further down the road but when your first starting out you must spend time grinding.

    I think it takes a certain type of person to continue to work at something diligently without being payed for it immediately.

    Some might say we are all crazy but we say we are headed to the promise land.

    It is truly a blessing to be doing something that i love. My business is geared towards a passion of mine. How many 9-5 commuters can honestly say that.

    I’m not bragging please don’t misunderstand me. I am, however, very proud of all my hard work and long hours.

    • I hear you Justin! It is really empowering to make choices that lead us to another option of creating on our own terms. That is quite powerful. And it is not easy, as you so beautifully said. I feel like we are indeed on our way to the promised land. And living in our passion is definitely life affirming and changing. We are adding positive energetics to a world in need of compassion. Great job to you…and many thanks. I know you will do great. Ariel

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