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I have a BONUS for YOU!

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My bonus for you, will change your business!

bonus for you

So all of us who are building online businesses, know that if we do not have an email list, we don’t have a business. And we cannot have an email list without an autoresponder. Right?

If I could give you 30 days FREE to try an autoresponder, wouldn’t you rush at that option?

Well here I am offering this just to you! For a limited time. So do hurry. It’s a bonus for you that will truly build your business!

But first let’s talk about email marketing and list building. Why do we need it? 

bonus 30 days free

  1. We all check our emails during the day to find out new information. Email is a needed tool.
  2. Using an autoresponder insures that our emails are being seen.
  3. Email is almost 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter.
  4. Email marketing builds credibility and brand.
  5. When we use our emails to give tips and newsletters, we build relationships.
  6. Email marketing is not only effective it is also cost effective.
  7. Email marketing means you can stay in touch.
  8. Email marketing saves time because its all automated once we set it up.
  9. No matter where in the world our customers are, we can reach them.
  10. Email marketing generates fast revenue
  11. Email marketing builds OUR EMAIL LIST. Which means then we are in business!
  12. Email marketing can help build your brand. People will see your name and be able to notice who you are.

Having an e-mail list is one of the strongest marketing tools that you can have. We use them to connect with our readers, customers, and other authors. This is a way to build trust with them and also let them know about special promotions and offers. Because of that trust, we have seen direct results during promotions in sales spikes after e-mails were sent.“Shelley Hitz, Author

So why do I need to have an autoresponder? 

1.You have heard the expression a sales funnel? Well using an autoresponder means that your sales funnel is going 24/7! Whew, that is heady yes?

2. It helps us to build our email list. Our gold mine of business.

3. It automates our business and makes it look professional.

4. It generates new leads and sales.

So do we need an autoresponder? YES!

Are you ready to try one now?

And I am offering you this for 30 days free.

Why? Because I want your business to grow also. I want others who are ready to think success, and be success join, me in this journey.

So if that is you, I am ready to give you this bonus!

Oh and did I mention that you can also use this autoresponder and make money with it? Yes indeed. They offer an affiliate program. So its another profit center.

Drum roll please..and the name of this is? 

Traffic wave!

bonus for you

So if you are ready to dive in and join me as we grow our business and thrive, squirrly

That will take you to being able to try out for 30 DAYS FREE! That is my gift to you! And if you like it, after 30 days it is only $17.95 per month.

Whoa! But what if I cannot afford this after 30 days? 

Listen to this, if you get people to join you, you won’t even pay for it! Because having people in your line will pay you! Yeah!

So this powerful tool is your aid in driving traffic and building your business.AND BUILDING YET ANOTHER PROFIT CENTER!

Isn’t this just amazing?

I have been using Traffic wave for several months, and I am so thrilled with all that it offers. Not sure how to set it all up?

No problem there is a series of videos that walk you step by step to set up and success.

And there are blogs on TrafficWave that explain why this works and how to help others grow their business also.

So talk about I have a bonus for you.. this means you will create a very viable income and business. Yes we can!

bonus for you

So is it a win-win? Yes and a resounding OH YES!

So as long as  you have something to sell and know what your product is. Traffic wave can be the vehicle to get that information out to the world.

No matter your business. From publishers, to affiliate marketers to entertainers to restaurants and all in between. Every business in order to stay in business, has to have an email list.

No matter what. NO email list, no business. It allows your customers to know what is new, what is going on. And what not to miss.

bonus for you

So ready to roll?

Well this is what will happen next. Your bonus is right here at your fingertips. Ready to make your business flourish.

I have this bonus for you, do grab it!

So click here , and you will then be directed to a form and answer a few questions about what direction you want your biz to go.

And yet another bonus, ready for this?


In reality, I am giving you two bonuses, not just one! So stop talking to me, LOL and click this button. I want you to  join me in success. Let’s build fabulous thriving businesses together.

I am here to answer any questions. But first off, dive in and get these bonuses.Because this bonus And then tell everyone how you now have this amazing online business!

WE are on the NOW plan yes? Not tomorrow, NOW!

I am paying for your 30 DAY FREE TRIAL. Why? Because I want success for all of us. Don’t you?

And get this, if you truly fall in love with Traffic Wave like I have, you have the opportunity to build yet another business. By referring others to TrafficWave you can make a very livable monthly salary. Are you in?

I so hope so.

Here you go, grab your bonus and fly well! I will see you on the other side of the hard work and into the success mode!

Get it now. Why wait for success? This works, it is proven.

Oh and as a thank you for looking at this amazing autoresponder.. I have a free ebook for you. Get more friends on Facebook and Drive traffic! It won’t be free for long, so do take a look. I wish you great success!


AH! Here is the BLUEPRINT we are all looking for.. READY FOR this? And here is another way to really learn how to build traffic on all the major Social Media sites. EZ Traffic Blueprint. It gives us the step by step blueprint to building anything you wanted to know about getting TRAFFIC TO YOU!

In peace and gratitude,

Founder, CEO,  , the place where we no longer have to worry about retirement!



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Comments 6

  • Hi Ariel, this is an autoresponder I’ve been looking at joining, especially given its low price in comparison to the competition.

    I currently use Aweber which is way more expensive. I’d been looking at moving my mailing lists over to Traffic Wave but they’ve stopped allowing that. Something to do with GDPR apparently. Hopefully, they’ll get that issue sorted out soon. Otherwise, I can’t see any reason not to sign up!

    • Hello Gary, I am really liking how easy Traffic Wave works. And it is much less expensive than others. I hope they do get that figured out. Lots to do with the GDPR changes for sure. I so hope you do take advantage, and of course there is that free 30 days that I am offering also. Thanks so much for being here Gary! In peace and gratitude, ariel

  • All this while, I never give email marketing much thought, thinking that my site’s visitors are still very low. You have given me something valuable to think about. And act on it too.
    Thank you, Ariel.

    • Hello Sharon, you know email marketing is the one thing that people do indeed read. And growing our list, helps us to truly have a business. I hope you give it try. Its so valuable. In peace and gratitude,ariel

  • Yes, count me in, Ariel. I most definitely will take you up on your free ebook offer. I agree with you, Trafficwave and EZ Traffic Blueprint are great tools for any online business.
    Thanks for bringing this out to the community.

    • Hello Michelle, so glad to hear that! Thank you! I so agree Traffic WAve and EZ Traffic blueprint are amazing tools. I am grateful you agree. Do let me know how they work for you. IN peace and gratitude, ariel

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