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As someone who is an artist and wondered how to get my products online, I really started searching for ways to promote my work. The idea of selling online is appealing because we no longer have to be concerned about brick and mortar overhead. It also means our audience can be half a globe away. The extrordinary perk is we will be having a chance to connect with the world!

Here is what I found out about on knowing how to sell handmade items online :

1. It is a process, I know when I hear those words, I groan too! There is a learning curve in selling online. Take a moment and research the most effective ways specific to your handmade item.Know that your passion cannot be seen or quantified if you have not taken the time to learn and research the market.

2. It takes patience. Just like building a brick and mortar shop we cannot expect to have an immediate sell out of products. With slow and steady growth, where you gain your customers trust, you will be successful. Think of it as a building block process. If we do not have an infrastructure, there is no way it can endure long term.

3. Make sure you have great photos of your work. This is truly crucial! Go on YouTube and find out how best to photograph your specific handmade item. There is nothing less convincing than a blurry unattractive photo of a handmade item. It will completely detract and invalidate the beauty of your product. Practice taking photos until you are satisfied that your handmade item is shining, clear and looking beautiful!

4. Be active on social media to help promote your work. This is the new world! Nothing happens if twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Google+ are not your go to places of promotion.

5. Offer something unique to delight and awe your clients to retain them as return customers. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing a product that just makes you smile. Remember the best sale is when we get smiles. Everyone wants to feel a heart felt reaction.







And there are so many more! These are the most popular. Each one has its own niche and training specific to their platform.


If you are truly passionate about selling your things online, please take a moment and check out Wealthy Affiliate. Here you will receive fantastic, easy to follow online courses in selling, a website and platform to promote your wares. Click here to find out more information.

There is great success with selling online. We all know that this is our future and it is happening as we speak. Learning how to be more online savy is the key to selling our handmade items online.

Wishing you great success. Let me know if this has been helpful or if you have any questions or comments. Please feel free to comment below.   

Here is to your success. I want to hear about it!






Disclaimer: In order to keep this website up and running we do utilize Affiliate links. You can assume that any link you use we may get a small commission from, again at no additional charge to you.



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