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Caution, spoiler alert! Starting a business brings up things you might not really want to see about yourself. I do not much like this feeling. And then, argh, I saw my own discomfort in way over the top neon lights. It said, getting used to the uncomfortable is integral to success!

Really, could someone please unplug that billboard now?

My example showed itself in a way that was beyond discomfort.


I am in a fight with my computer and technical issues. And although I have tried all my usual blessings and gratitude, to my utter surprise, nothing is working. I am just having to accept that this is happening. I am struggling with some technical issues, They make absolutely no sense to me. And I cannot get my head around what to do to solve it.

I found myself in a place of such extreme discomfort that I actually had a melt down. I don’t do meltdowns…or so I thought. But there it was. Complete meltdown, go in the bathroom, turn on the water, and just cry with frustration.

And there it was. Fork in the road choice time.

Okay what choice do I make now. Umm, popcorn and chocolate?

Well, maybe a tad. But looking at my options, I had to make a decision. A decision that would help me forge my path to success even while being pulled into a whirlpool of discomfort.


If I am to be a serious business owner, then I have to be willing to really be that. No matter what shows itself. I have to be willing to say success is not overnight. It is not always easy. It is not always fun.

And it is determined by my willingness to be willing to learn. Realizing that this process is not always pretty nor will it always feel good.

Whew! Go away rationale… I want a pity party!

Now, how do I show up for myself at this moment?

I reached for a glass of wine, (whine), and took a breath. I checked in with my body and realized the feeling was just that, complete discomfort.

So body, tell me why you are so very uncomfortable?

Well mostly because I was having so much fun, loving the process. But right now this part is not fun. Its tedious and hard. It is meant for linear thinkers. I don’t even know where my left analytical brain is.

I think instead, I just might consider a temper tantrum and see if I can get an Oscar for my performance?

Oh right, I promised to be an adult about this and be responsible.
Oh please, just go away with this adult thing.

It is truly overrated.

Or is it? Do I really want to talk to myself in that disrespecting tone?

So, me, myself and I, had a pow wow. Call for peace and clarity. Let’s get to the bottom of this and figure out what we really want and need.

First off, lets get rid of all those way too loud voices in my head. Those voices that say, OK, you can quit now. Or, go watch a Hallmark movie instead of driving yourself bananas trying to solve these yukky technical problems.

I am not any longer talking to those voices.They are not in my highest good. Good bye, good riddance, adios!

So what was left for me to address was my own fear, doubt and discomfort.
Must be list time. Let’s make a list. The steps we need to do when we cannot think straight.



  •  Do not give up.
  • Find the positive, expert and loving, support you need.
  •  Go for a walk, change the energy and focus.
  •  When my head is cleared, sit back down at computer and do a step by step walk through to understand the problem.
  • Acceptance that it is TOTALLY understandable to get frustrated and uncomfortable.
  •  Know that at this moment I am gifting myself with incredible strength and courage.
  • No need for judgment.
  • Use affirmations and visualizations.
  •  Revisit my goals for the long term.
  •  Know that this moment is merely a bleep in my journey to success.

I think I feel better already!

If need be, I will do all the steps and then do them again until I am in a place that I am flowing with my intention.

Now that I know that discomfort is part of the yin and yang of process, I will be gentler with myself. And acknowledge that lessons like these are building really strong infrastructure for going forward.

Across the street a new condo is being built. I have been fascinated by the process. There is so much detail to the foundation and infrastructure. It gives me a visual of how I can choose to see my business grow and flourish step by step.

If my intention is going forward in a positive way, I need to know that discomfort and growing pains is how we forge and discover how to strengthen our infrastructure.

And just like those construction workers who understand that each nail and girder must be perfectly aligned to support the rest of the structure, I am slowly understanding that a gift has been given to me.

The gift of knowing myself. The gift of seeing my determination. The gift of creating clarity and focus. The gift of going forward with positivity and faith that indeed, I can and will do this.

I can see and understand my path and choice. I am pledging to not waiver.

How are you choosing to deal with your own discomfort?
I would really like to know. Please share below,



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Comments 2

  • I do appreciate your log of your struggles, because linear or non-linear thinking, when we hit that wall of techno-Chaos, we all have many of these same struggles. I really do, at least, and I’m an avid user of both sides of my brain (at least the parts that are still functional) but still like most I’m an emotional creature deep down. That emotion comes out in full force when I can’t see my way to the solution.

    Your suggestion of Wealthy Affiliate is an interesting one, and I’d normally go a different way as a guy who hates to ask for directions. When I’m totally stuck, however, options to get help ARE the best solution, though, and I know that. As I understand it, Wealthy Affiliate brings great tools to the game, but the most powerful resource is help you can find or ask for from multiple sources – at least that’s the claim I’ve heard.

    Could you explain what sort of help options are offered, and whether they get you past your techno-chaos obstacles?


    • Hello Steve! Indeed we are all connected by similar struggles whether linear or not! I can appreciate the use of both sides of your brain. I am not always so sure the logical part of my brain jumps to command! And you bring up a really interesting concept of thinking that we are all just looking for a solution instead of finding the process. But indeed we do all want solution.

      WA is amazing and I would say World Class in every aspect of the business.Superb is the word I would use for the education and support field. I have been so very touched by the global community of WA. As one who is not linear, I am constantly reaching out asking for clarification and solutions. Within moments, support shows up. And yes, as you so aptly put it, my techno-chaos obstacles are many! But always, I have found support and answers from video to personal clarification. And then if one needs even more answers or not quite getting the solution, someone will walk you through it. And support is also presented as good natured and caring. I am so grateful for the WA experience. I hope this helps. Wishing you incredible success. Thank you so much for being here. ariel

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