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Keywords are the holy grail in the vocabulary of the internet Affiliate Marketer. If your keywords are not ranking that means you have no traffic, no sales, no visibility. That is so not where we want to be. Each time you write an article or review, your keywords determine how visible the article will be.

So now we are starting to see the importance of keyword research. So what is this keyword Search Engine Optimization (SEO) all about?

First off, WHAT IS A KEYWORD?, who has become the benchmark for SEO, defines keywords as ideas and topics that define what your content is about.

They are literally the words and group of words that someone enters into a search engine to get information about a topic. So it is important that your keywords are driving people directly to your content and your site.

For instance if you wanted to know about how to grow strawberries, you would input “how to grow strawberries.” That is your keyword search. Does that make sense?

And anyone who wanted to know how to grow strawberries will click on the article that will give them that information.

That is the essence of how keywords work.

The better your keywords are, the easier traffic will find you. Sounds like its an easy task yes? Hmm, not always. It really depends on relevancy and how easy your site is able to be found.

So why do we need keywords? To drive traffic to your site.

why we need keywords


1. The most important factor is realizing that you are providing the right search words.

2. Providing SEO is how traffic finds you.

3. Relevant keywords are the connector between your site and the public

4. Create keywords that are in the language and needs of your audience, that means knowing exactly who your audience is.

5. Keywords must be chosen as a problem solver.

6. Good content has two factors as sited by Moz: great content and it is linkable. Linkable means that anyone can link your article to another site. That is good. We really want linkable. Because sharing the article is another avenue to driving traffic to your site.Think of it as on FB. The more it is shared, the more visible it becomes.

internet traffic


Knowing that great content is paramount to a great ranking in the search engines, we need to understand the importance of doing keyword research. Here are some basic ways to get started:

First off define a topic that you are going to write a blog about. Make sure that it is relevant to your site.
Research keywords by asking:

1.Is this word relevant to the topic

2.If searchers put these keywords into the search engine will they find what they need on your site?

3.Is this going to make them happy?

4. Will it convert to sales?

Input your keyword into a search engine and see all the options that spring up.

Those are more keywords that can at a later time also be used for more articles. Many people create lists  and write down the other keywords that show up, while doing the research, to have those words for later use.

This process is not a one time thing It is something we do each time we write a review or blog. It is imperative to the health of our site.

And if there is one thing you want to really learn, it is doing keyword research and understanding the importance of it.

keywords importance
So you have chosen the keywords that you think might be the ones to use for this article you are getting ready to write. What comes next? Using a keyword tool.

This is the really interesting part. We have to define how each keyword (or string of words) rank in the keyword tool. A keyword tool actually analyzes all the information and determines how well the keyword will work. For instance, the amount of monthly searches on that particular keyword. There are many determiners on the keyword tool to help you decide which keyword will be the best match.

So it is dependent on the keyword tool to tell you what keywords are actually going to be most attractive to your traffic.

Keywords are a science. There are algorithms that show exactly what you need to become successful. Studying how to understand keywords is a fundamental skill for Affiliate Marketers.

At Wealthy Affiliate they have created a keyword tool that is the Affiliate Marketer’s dream, because it was developed for and by affiliate marketers. This keyword tool is called Jaaxy.


Jaaxy is the premier keyword tool. It is the one stop shopping for understanding everything from keyword research to site ranking. A key word tool is the way we can determine what keywords will work and rank for each article. Knowing how vital our keyword search is to the success of our site, we need to know we can depend on our keyword tool .

Once you have found your keyword with the relevant data, now you can write that article and be assured it will rank on Google. And that is how we find our keywords. And our success!


keyword success


So we are getting the picture that there is a process here that allows every piece of traffic to find their way to our site. It is through keywords. Our keywords need to be researched to insure that we will get traffic, and keep traffic. And our keywords help determine how the traffic will see our site. That is a really big one.

We want to make sure that our keywords are specific to our topic and able to solve a problem. Our great content has to serve that purpose and also be linkable. Keywords are the essence of Affiliate Marketing. If we do not get our keywords right, we do not drive traffic to our site. So here is the question, are you ready to explore keyword tools and searching?

If so, click here for more about Jaaxy, the only keyword tool you will ever need.

Thanks so much for being here. I hope this explanation of keywords works for you. If you have any questions or want to discuss more about keywords, please do comment below. I will respond promptly.

And if you are interested in owning an online business and start a blog. Click here for more information. Join me in this journey. It is amazing!

I so look forward to hearing from you. START YOUR NEW LIFE NOW!
In peace and gratitude,

Founder,, the place Baby Boomers come to make retirement fun!

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Comments 8

  • Hi Ariel,
    Good article on SEO and the importance of keywords to help drive traffic to your content and website.
    I agree Jaaxy is an excellent tool for keyword research.

    • Hello Rui, I am so happy you stopped by. Many thanks for the comment. I agree Jaaxy is amazing. How are you finding using it? What works best for you? I wish you great success. In peace and gratitude, ariel

  • I’m still very new to this world of blogging and SEO and affiliate marketing, and I appreciate your recommendations and guidance. I think I’m gonna give Jaaxy a try, it sounds easy to use and it may meet my needs.

    • Hello Penelope, there is so much to learn isn’t there? I hear you about being new. I am grateful for really getting to learn as much as possible to get a handle on some form of understanding. I have found Jaaxy to be so specific and to the point. It has really given me the guide lines to a better understanding of keywords. And to better ranking in Google. Do give it a try. You will be very happy! So many thanks for stopping by. Wishing you great success, ariel

  • Hi Ariel, Thank you for your article on keywords and the tool used to find them. If I find a keyword, how do I know it’s a good word?

    • Hello Joe! So happy you dropped by. That is an excellent question. And that is exactly the job of the keyword tool It tells you what is a good keyword. So for low hanging fruit keyword you want traffic to be around 100 and QSR to be under 100 in fact a bit below 50. Wishing you great success. Hope that helps? In peace and gratitude, ariel

  • I love Jaaxy and love it. Thanks for reminding me of the importance of keywords as I continue to build my blog. 🙂

    • Hello Erin! So many thanks for stopping by. It is amazing how using such a wonderful product like Jaaxy is the key to success. I am so glad you are enjoying using it. I wish you great success. Hope we get to chat again soon.In peace and gratitude, ariel

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