FEAR OF FAILURE, who is that monster lurking?

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Failure, that is one heavy topic! Are we afraid of failure, or is it success we fear? Deciding we want to begin our online business, we have to face our fears.


Remember as children we often asked our parents to check under the bed or in the closet for the lurking monster? Sometimes I wonder do we still have that monster in our shadows? And if so, how do we as adults find the way to just ask it to just leave?

When I started doing this online business, I really felt that I had to address this illusive subject. I did not want to even think there still existed this monster of the night.

Then one day while I was writing, I felt it! I looked around not quite understanding what it was. And not afraid to talk to myself, grin, I politely said whom ever you are you may leave now. But somehow that shadow just decided to camp out. I told it I would not make it a cup of tea!

I really had to look at it. What I found was not pretty. If you know this story, just smile as you follow along!

It showed itself as a sense of heaviness in my chest and a tingling in my neck. Oh yeah, that watch out there is a bear nearby, alert. OK, I hear you. What is it that you want to talk about?

Well first off, why would you start a new business? You know there is failure rate. Oh and do you really think you are bright enough to understand all this technical stuff? And will you really be determined enough to not stop even when you are exhausted and not seeing immediate results?

Nope, said my fear, you will probably just fold and say, maybe that wasn’t for me.

Really? You, my dear monster think you are the boss of me?

Nope, think again.


That began my internal reset and re- search. What is it about my sense of work and ethics that would drive me to not accept failure?


Stick to it-ness

Setting goals

Daily and weekly affirmations

Acknowledging daily small successes

A bag of potato chips, (we all need rewards.)


At this point in my life, having overcome odds of even being capable to think, my level of ‘why not” was really strong. I have absolutely everything to gain. There is no loss here. I already have gained so much knowledge, I could teach a course in building a website!

If I don’t make one million dollars in 15 days, I am old enough to know that instant gratification is not the building of true infrastructure. To me, just the doing, not just the outcome, itself becomes an adventure. I am turning a new page in my life. Can you see me holding the reins to my new journey? Can you see yourself doing the same?


Arghhh, did she really have to go there? So it seems that being worthy has the seesaw effect of up and downs. We see ourselves as possibility on either end. Possible failure. Possible success. And both are true. What did Henry Ford say; If you believe you can, if you believe you cannot, both are true.

That says a lot. So if I choose to be the CEO of my own Ariel Universe, then it is my responsibility to say I am stepping up to take full responsibility. Ahh, that is so grown-up. Give me a break!

What is the new term “adulting”?

There it is. I am indeed worthy of being successful. Because simply put, I think I can, no matter what anyone else believes. Here is another true gem that I have come to terms with. Whatever anyone else thinks about my process, has absolutely no bearing on me. It is their opinion. It is not mine. I can just politely say, thank you. And know it does not belong in my sphere.

As long as I truly believe in my success, I can see it, feel it, create it. And then I live it day by day, moment by moment. I make that commitment to myself that my goals count. My drive counts. My can do it, counts.

And then, here is my testament to myself. I stick to it to show myself that indeed I am worthy.I am inspiring myself. I could say, I am the inspiration I am seeking.

By doing so I am creating new neuro-pathways that provide infrastructure to success. Yup, for real. Doing something consistently and new, creates a stronger brain.

ARE YOU READY to say yes we can?

Being ready to take on a new adventure is life changing. It means restructuring our world. From the moment we awaken, to our working 12 hours, until we realize our hands are cramped.

When we are ready to say yes to our new online business, the joy shows itself in our own self radiating. It’s a new-found way to express and show who we truly are. My vehicle to success is Wealthy Affiliates.

And wow, I have to tell you, failure is not going to feed this new happy monster. My new monster is more like my totem animal. I can count on it to show me strength and continuance. It is the guide to my new path of success.

Name your new adventure monster, it will help your forge this amazing new path.

I would love to hear how you have tamed your inner monster. So add comments below please!

Don’t forget, the light is so illuminatingly stronger after we drop the fear!













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