ENCORE CAREERS AFTER 50, or even 60+ are you thinking about this?

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opening a new door

Isn’t it just amazing, that as we bridge the gap closer to retirement,  how fabulous it would be to do something entirely different with our working life? Encore careers after 50 are really becoming a very hot path.

We are all thinking that after so many years of working for someone, we are ready to try our hands and hearts at ways that give back.

And so many of us are choosing volunteer paths or even leaving the country to do expat work. Many of us want to see all that we have not had the chance to see. Some encore careers are working part-time in our national forest services, as tour guides or just cleaning up service areas, just to get the option of traveling through each park.

forest park

And even if that is not intriguing, there are more mainstream options. For instance, using all those years of wisdom and information we have gathered to offer our services as consultants.

Consulting is another way of being of service. We help other organizations grow. And that also provides us with an opportunity to teach in any format.


And that brings us to the term “encore careers” According to Wikipedia, and Nicholas Kristof, the encore career is the substitute for retirement. And many choose it to be of service and giving back. For instance even Bill Gates, he did not retire, instead he went full time into philanthropy. That is his encore career.

And also stated in Wikipedia, did you know that in 2011 9 million people ranging in ages from their 40s through to 70s were in what they deemed an encore career. Many in the non-profit sector. So that could truly impact poverty.

In the early 2000s baby boomers were deemed technological duds. Not able or willing to learn the new technologies. But that turned out to be very wrong!

Indeed, we are very busy on social media and most of us own computers. And even smart phones! We did not seem to be scared away by the not knowing or having to adapt to a new technology. Although we may at times shake our heads at the speed of change, we are still on the ride.


And some of our choices for our encore careers are in technology. From publishing online, to selling on the internet. Or some of the more recent choices, of being a virtual assistant, have you thought of that? Or have you thought of being a social media marketer? Wow, that is a mouthful. And very lucrative. And of course blogging.

That is my personal go to. Or grab your phone and record a video of your favorite way to sing a song. And start your own YouTube channel!

new career

All of these were not so available to our parents generation. The biggest hook is that most of this is done from the comfort of your pajamas and cup of tea. That sounds really good, doesn’t it?


I know that after we have worked a lifetime, it is a question of do we really want to start something else? Is it our time to just be? Or savor?

Many of us are taking to volunteerism, at schools or hospitals or homeless shelters. Sometimes just showing your work ethics over a period of time, can lead to a part-time paid position.

I don’t know about you, but I am really wanting adventure and service. I am ready to jump into something that I have not done, that will enhance my experience and grow my heart.

Does that sound like something that interests you?

If so, the choices are almost infinite. It’s really about willingness to think out of the box and free ourselves from what was our life. To, what could our life be like now? It is truly a wonderful question to ask.


The idea that these options are even available is quite something, isn’t it?

Which begs me to ask, would you consider an online business?


As an encore career, many of us are choosing to do not just one thing with our time. And one of the most appealing, is to grow your own online business. And although it might seem daunting to learn technical aspects of the business. I need to assure you, as one who is doing it, and I am a grandmother. I am capable of making it happen. There is no reason that anyone else cannot excel at it also.

There is amazing support and training to be found at Wealthy Affiliate. It is a company that teaches and provides a framework to have our own online business.

What amazed me about Wealthy Affiliate is how quickly and inexpensively you can have your business up and running. It is beyond amazing and supportive. I have had the joy of meeting people from all over the world. People who are successful just using this platform.

I really want to tell you all the ways this is the real deal. And I have had the experience of scams. Wealthy Affiliate is completely the best place to be. It is all about providing confidence and support to each business owner. WA provides a world class training and there is always someone to answer a question within seconds.

And get this, It is not expensive, in fact you can begin for free! And the training courses that are offered are so in depth and accompanied with video, so there is not a doubt of what to do.

In fact, I am guessing that if we had to pay for these courses as in a University not only would we have to take out a loan! We would also finish the courses with at least a Master’s! It is truly amazing.

And there is 24/7 support!

online support

The choice to join WA for me was that I could trust this company. That was huge. We all know about internet scams.

Click here to see if Wealthy Affiliate is all that I am saying it is. If you do decide to start your own online business, I do hope you will consider Wealthy Affiliate. Please read for yourself. And talk to me about your questions or thoughts.

It has completely changed my world. I am really asking you to try it out. Please, do yourself a favor, and take a moment. Click on these links, and see what resonates for you.

It will allow you to enter into an encore career that will take you places that will grow you inside and out. I promise you that. And who knows where this adventure might lead you! To changing the world one person at a time and giving you the choice of living in ease and comfort.

An important aspect of having an online business is focusing on what is your passion. And then you create a niche from there. So if your niche is educating and changing lives, that means each day you will have the ability to touch anyone in the world. Talk about using our idealistic roots to make a difference.

Click here to see if this works for you.


I think it safe to say, that we baby boomers are still harboring our younger years of idealism. We still believe there is nothing we cannot do or change. That allows us to try new things, without fear or much doubt.

It also begs us to ask our own questions at this moment. What are our strengths and weaknesses? What are we willing to do? And what do we need. Do we need more spendable income, or retirement income? Or stimulation and challenge?

For me, it has been a question of knowing that I have this option to grow a new business. A business that will take me all over the globe, even though I have not left my office chair. But in reality, as I build my passive income, I can work from anywhere.

And that beach on Tahiti is looking quite lovely right now! Or teaching English in a foreign school setting. It is all there for the taking. I just have to be willing to make it happen. With patience and perseverance.


foot prints

And it happens just one step at a time. On my willingness to grow my non-existent retirement fund into something that is changing my world. It spurred me into action and a whole new experience of joy and success. And while I am earning I am also providing a service. So for me it is win-win.

Choosing to start your online business, is not as complicated as several years ago. In fact using the Wealthy Affiliate guidelines along with WordPress you can build the structure of your own website in 30 seconds. How amazing is that?

building a new structure of opportunity
I do hope you will take a look at Wealthy Affiliate and all it has to offer. It has been a journey of great discovery, capability and insight for me.

I am here to answer any questions you have. And I so look forward to speaking with you.

Now is our time to shine and do what we can create on our own terms.

So take the step to start your new encore career. Now. Click here to get started and watch your world grow.


Please do check out my other website, success-full-living.com

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  • Ariel,
    As a person in my mid 60’s, your information is very true for a baby boomer. I left my first job at 47 years old, started second job worked for another 15 years.
    Before leaving second job, I started selling on E-Bay to make a little on the side and keep busy. I took what I earned and built a website with the training at Wealthy Affiliate.
    Learning new technology and making some extra cash makes it worth my time, it does work.

    • Hello John! Thank you so much for stopping by. I love the new freedom that is afforded us these days. We can create whatever it is that we want to do. It just takes courage, and patience. And I so agree Wealthy Affiliate does indeed work. And it is such a fantastic experience. And don’t you feel more energized and vibrant because we are continually learning?
      In peace and gratitude,ariel

  • This post can open the eyes of many retirees who still want to contribute to society. The options you mentioned here are excellent ways to give back and have monetary benefits as well.

  • Ariel, I joined WA about three years ago. I love the in-depth training and support you get from the owners and members. I have been scammed a number of times and it’s my experience that WA is the best training on the net!

    I also enjoy the friends I have made from all over the world. WA really makes the world seem small with the connections you make. It has been an awesome experience!


    • Hello Don, thank you so much for stopping by! I am so happy to hear you are thriving with WA. I agree,WA is truly the best.You are so right, the community is beyond exciting and thrilling. I am so loving the connections and friendships I am building also. May your world just flow in abundance and joy. In peace and gratitude,ariel

  • I love this idea of an encore career. I personally can’t stand the thought of not doing anything useful after I retire. As a full time homemaker presently, I find that blogging is a good avenue for me to learn and teach at the same time. If I were to return to the workforce, having an online business on the side will be great to supplement my income!

    • Hello Yvonne! Thank you so much for stopping by! I so agree with you that an encore career is really another word for thriving. That is a fabulous way to combine your passions by blogging and teaching. And returning to the workforce no longer has to look like 9-5 or even an office! Best of luck to you. And many thanks for being here. In peace and gratitude, ariel

  • Starting something new can be very scary. However, being a part of Wealthy Affiliate can be very rewarding since there is a given path to follow. Being older and starting a new career has been something I have wanted to do but seemed like I couldn’t find the right thing – until now. Thank you for all this information.


    • I know Yvette, scary and so exhilarating! I am loving that we have this capacity. And blessed we did indeed find just the vehicle we needed and wanted. So many thanks for being here!In peace and gratitude, ariel

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