DOES FEAR MOTIVATE US? 5 Ways to Turn Fear Into Successful Doing

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affirmations for doing

We all know the sensation of fear. Creeping skin crawling anxiety, that takes over our brain. Sometimes even stifling our movement. Fear, a word that has far too much importance in our vocabulary! How does it work for our benefit in our lives? And is there a way to use fear to turn it into success? Yes indeed!

Have you heard this definition of FEAR? Fear is: False. Evidence. Appearing. Real. Isn’t that great? It means that we can see fear as nothing real. And in reality, I know from my own experience that allowing fear to rule means I am not giving space to what is positively possible. So are we allowing our fear to motivate us?

flow and hope


To me when we are in fear, we are not allowing our flow to happen. We have chosen to access an

illusion rather than the reality. And I am not talking about physical fear or safety. That is another issue.
Rather, the fear that overtakes our minds. Fear of losing our jobs, or not having enough finances, or everyday anxiety. That fear is the illusionary precept that is our dream killer.

When we give it credence, it becomes our wall of failure. When we just agree to acknowledge it, but not claim it, we can climb the highest mountain without looking down.

And that is when we are truly in our own flow. Our flow of yes we can!
Sometimes we allow fear to be our catalyst and that might work. But when we claim it and turn it over in our minds day after day, we have lost the ability to grow.

I don’t think that fear and flow can peacefully cohabitate!



COURAGE, the ability to follow your heart no matter what. Using our courage brings us out of the fear cycle and into the belief place. And it might take overcoming obstacles to really have your voice heard, or your business seen. But here is where the gift just keeps giving. For in our courage is the ability to show our vulnerability and keep going forward.

SUPPORT SYSTEM, this is really important. When we are feeling fear, make sure we have a positive support system that helps us to talk our way back to our inner heart. Create an inner sanctum of people who are your rock and backbone. Choose people who are positive and life affirming. We do not want people around who are the naysayers. No dream killers allowed here.

STRESS LEVEL whatever we are doing, whether it is creating our business or dealing with our kids, it is really important to know how to lower our stress levels. Do whatever it takes so that you are not living in stress. Other wise thinking and truly being present are no longer available.

So define what are stress busters for you. And then use them daily. From walking to music to creating, to collecting hugs. Whatever works for you is what will get your through to the next step.

BE FULLY PRESENT NOW I think this is the biggest one for all of us. We get so caught up in how are we going to do our entire list today. Rather than knowing we can only do one step at a time. And have you noticed that when we are not present we are losing out on this moment?

falls changing

How can I possibly see the beauty of the leaves turning colors if my mind has become color blind? At this moment. Be present. Be fully aware. No attachments or expectations or lists. Just this moment. It is very freeing!

WHAT TRIGGERS OUR FEARS Do we know our triggers? Sometimes looking at our bank account can run shivers up our spines. I get that. But in reality, somehow we figure out what we need to do to get those bills paid. And that means we agree to let go of all that does not suit us or work for us.

See the triggers clearly and flag them.
Know that they are just triggers floating across our thoughts. And our thoughts are only given credence if we choose. Do not choose to give credence to triggers of fear. Banish them from your mind. Take away the welcome mat!

do something great

When we are in fear, we are letting go of our motivation to move forward. So take a moment and reclaim what your motivation is. For instance, we are building our own online business. In this process, we are motivated by several factors, excitement of learning something new, creating another stream of income, meeting new people, becoming an authority on our niche, etc.

What does motivation look like to you? For instance if we choose to stay on the same path without any changes, how does that feel? Versus, knowing that we can no longer stay in a place that does not work or even feel good.

Motivation for me is knowing that at this moment going forward is the only answer to bring me into a space that will not only offer change in my environment, but offer valuable insight for my inner self.  Sort of like my inner highway.

inner highway to self

It is the choice to let go of what no longer works and turn it into a lovely new path of opportunity. So motivation becomes an action. A choice of doing something. And amazing things happen when we step into this movement. An entire new infrastructure begins to build. This one motion leads to another motion to another motion until viola! We have built a new way of being in our own world!

How amazing and empowering is that? So go ahead take that first step. Today I am the CEO of my own Universe and fear does not live here.


letting go


Rather than feel powerless in the face of fear let’s try an exercise.

Sit in an upright chair.
Plant your feet firmly on the floor.
Place your hands raised in front of you.

Visualize that you are holding the Universe in your hands.
Feel the strength you are emitting .

Know in this moment that nothing is stronger than the heart of you.
Grin at your own amazing capability.
Take a breath .

Say out loud to fear:

I am way too powerful for you to come live in my house. I am the master of my Universe.
I hold the light, the flow and the possibility.
I am success. Because I am my true self.

success of inner self


Fear is a manifestation of our thought. It is not real. It is an illusion. And it cannot coexist with our positive belief system. The more we decide that fear is no longer welcome in our life, the easier we can flow to all that is positive and growth inspired.

We have manufactured in modern society that there always has to be a shadow of fear. And that is the biggest assumption of untruth. There does not have to be a duality at all. In fact there is not one. There is only one truth. Our own inner truth of capability without attachments, fear or constructs.


We can create our inner and outer wealth, just by acknowledging that we are indeed that.
So let’s go out and do our magic! Create our own legacy. Build our own castle. Know that fear is only a manifestation of thought. And we no longer think that way. So off you go fear. There is no space for you.

no fear

Here is to us and incredible success!

i wish you banishment of all fear. Yes we can do this. And yes we will. And yes we are.


I would really like to know how this works for you. Please do comment below.
In peace and gratitude,








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