CREATE INSPIRATION BOARD, ways to define and inspire yourself.

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Taking on the concept of having our own business, is tantamount to saying “Oh Yes I can!” And we thrive on that adrenaline for a bit. Then as we get into the process we are aware our enthusiasm might be waning a bit. What do we do now? Create INSPIRATION BOARD! This is a method so we can see the way we define and inspire ourselves.

What does that mean, Inspiration Board? Literally just a board or piece of paper that feeds you inspirational messages to help keep us on track to our goals and wants.

Ready to do this?

Before you can create the board, we need to get really clear in what we want from the board. Do we want financial growth, business growth, self growth, physical health, more connections in community, travel or something else, or all of the above?

Once you can answer that, you know the direction you want your board to go. Here we go! Off to the space where our hearts meet our courage.


Since this is your board, it is very, very personal. What speaks to you? What inspires you?
Try asking yourself these questions:

First off what is the intention of this board? That is step one. Sit down and define your needs.
What kind of pictures or sayings motivate you? Start looking through places like Pinterest,etc to get inspiration.

Do you know your goals or desires? If yes, write them down. These will be the basis for your board.

What do you need to keep your inspired?

Since you will be looking at this daily, what words are your motivators?
If you need some inspiration and feel stuck, google inspiration boards to get your engine going.

Determine a place to hang your board. It is really important to be able to see this several times a day to reinforce your going forward. After all we want the inspiration to flow!


So Inspiration Boards can be really easy or incredibly complicated. It is your decision. I would aim for creative, pretty and simply to the point.

Oh this is important, make your board very easy to read!

But since this is your board. It is completely up to you. Just have fun with it. As with everything we do, we want joy to be a huge part of it!


Start with a piece of poster board, or cardboard.


Magazines or pictures from online

Paint, markers, crayons


Quiet space to meditate on how you want this to show itself.

Then start looking at the words you have written that inspire you.

Take those words and find pictures that say that thought to you.

When you have enough pictures or talismans, you are ready to affix each to your poster board.

Paste the pictures, or if you are creating online, in your document, in a way that highlights your intentions and inspiration.

If you want you can divide the poster board into segments. Then post/paste pictures specifically into each segment. For instance if you are wanting financial inspiration. Everything that talks about money would be in the money segment. If you are talking travel, paste pictures of travel into that segment, etc.

Use bright colors to show the joy of this journey. For me this is really important. I know that colors lift my spirit. So use your favorite colors and brightly colored papers. Whatever gets your creative juices going! No reason to hold yourself back. If you like glitter, go for it!

  • Once you have completed your Inspiration Board, take a moment and breathe in all that it holds for you.
  • Know that each affirmation or inspiration is your making.
  • It is within you to create and color your world as you choose. So choose well.
  • Think about all that really matters to you. Not just in the sense of dailiness, but true deep in the heart knowing.
  • So when you have your board hanging up, you really see yourself. Not from the ego, but rather from that lovely space of your growing heart.


The first time I created a board, I used really bright colors, hot pink, orange and yellow. And It took up the entire upper half of my refrigerator! But it worked. I loved looking at it. It gave me drive, inspiration and courage! In fact, I really acted on everything on my board. Now if that is not inspiration what is?
So do also include words that inspire, from courage to OH YES I CAN!

When we do this kind of work we are telling and reinforcing to ourselves the concept of going forward. It is our own personal road map to both inner and outer success. And how often are we courageous enough to put ourselves out there in broad daylight and say this is me committing to me?

Now that is truly courageous and inspirational!

Please do send in pictures of your Inspiration Boards. I really want to hear how you determined your goals. And pictures how you will make them happen.

I wish you incredible insight, joy and abundance.

As you go forward in this fantastic Wealthy Affiliate journey, know we are all here to help each other inspire and create our own vision of success. So don’t hesitate ever to reach out. I promise you someone will always respond. Me included!







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