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So as one Boomer to another, huh, this sounds like the first line of a joke. But seriously, as one Boomer to another, did you know that Boomers starting an online business is really taking off?

I was fascinated by that concept because so many of us are learning technology as we go along. Whereas our kids and grandgifts are just intuitive about technology having grown up with it.

But we, the special ones are really in our element here. I think the reasons are really simple. Do you agree?

1. We have a great work ethic. We know and expect to put loads of hours in.

2. Nearing retirement or being retired we are seeking stimulation and connections.

3. Concerned about enough retirement funds, an online business offers great options.

4. Creating our own online business gives us another avenue to thriving and vibrancy.

5. Online business offers us flexibility. No brick and mortar structure to contend with.

6. Learning something new is so invigorating. I cannot believe what a difference it has made to my world.

7. Did you know that by 2019 Boomers will be a consumer demographic of 15 trillion dollars? How many zeroes is that?

9. Since we spend more time on line than millennial’s…(wow?) we are the best demographic to start an online business

10. For many of us having spent our working careers filling another’s coffer, it is a lifelong dream to have our own business.

Now knowing, we are not only a demographic that is certainly willing to try new things, but are a strong consumer demographic, are you thinking about an online business?

I have found so many perks to doing an online business. First off is finances, I am no longer concerned about my retirement funding.

And it is also empowering because I am being very front line about it. It is up to me to create my value and financial comfort going forward. I also adore the connections I am making globally.

The learning and training process is so invigorating! I have much more clarity and focus.

I love the idea that retirement is not a word anymore. It is an action! In retirement I can completely create my new persona of how the rest of my life is going to be. I just love that!

If you are interested in an online business I do have a really remarkable vehicle. Click here for more information.

If you are thinking about starting an online business, do contact me. You can leave comments below. I am happy to answer any questions.

We are the most amazing generation, no matter what our kids think, grin.

Wishing you a great journey, ariel








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