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Success, that is a huge word, laden with far too much content and emotion. Don’t you think?

After all, we hear all the time, she is so successful, he is not successful. Society has taught us to revere those that are financially successful. When is the last time we revered simple success, like staying committed to a process?


Let’s talk about process. What is our process to success?


What is process? According to the dictionary process is: “a series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end”. That makes sense we have to take steps. So in this process of creating success we need to start at the first step.

How does that look to you? Do we take the time to create a flowchart that shows the first step to the desired end?

For me it has been really helpful to sit down and think this through. How do I see success? What am I willing to do to forge my own path? What are the first steps that will lead me to the next steps.

We are living in a time of instant gratification and entitlement, do we have the patience and perseverance to stay involved knowing that success is not instantaneous?

How did we get to a place that defines us by success? And does that mean only financial success?

Do we choose to use our own perimeters or someone else’s to define our lives?

And that leads us to where are we in this mix? Do I know enough about myself to take this new journey? How dedicated and determined am I?

7 OPTIONS to Success:


Respect the Process.

Know yourself

Take full responsibility

No regrets

Clarity and Focus

Self acceptance to resistance

Trust your journey


As we go through this process of knowing who we are, every step beckons us to choose wisely. And even if we don’t, life lessons will again show themselves! The Universe has a great sense of humor!

I think for me, one of the hardest lessons has been to learn to respect the process. I cannot just jump to instant millionaire because, darn, I just haven’t done all my work yet!

So learning to respect the steps involved in the process is an eye-opening reminder that we are on our path. It might not always look as we choose it to be. But it always provides what we need.

In our quest to succeed in our online marketing, if we do not respect the process of building each step we will be disappointed. Respecting the process, is the ultimate guide to not only understanding ourselves. It also provides the blueprint we are seeking.

And that leads us to knowing ourselves. Take the time to really examine and understand what your path is here to success. Understand what are our limitations and strengths. Learn to pace during the process.

Here we are at NO regrets! This so powerful. If we decide to let go of what we have not accomplished and accept where we are, we then give the gift of this present moment a chance to thrive.

How freeing is that?

Living without regrets means we give up all that has tied us to disappointment and failure. Learning to look forward opens the door to possibility. So we love the part that has lived in regret, and we wish it a fond bon voyage.

When I let go of regrets that leads me to a place of clarity and focus. There is nothing holding me back. I am free to go create this path to abundance and joy. Clarity and focus is the place where suddenly the path shows itself. It is the gift of the universe.

With clarity there is illumination that carries each step. And with focus there is no longer a burden or questioning of purpose, for clarity has stepped in. We see the path. We know what we have to do.

Once we get to focus and clarity there is sometimes a bit of a misstep as we might feel the oh no feeling of resistance. And how many times have we had to shake ourselves out of resistance to acceptance?

I know for sure I had to fight with my own sense of worth deciding to do this business.

And I realized how resistant I was to the idea that this grandmother could really figure out the google analytic page! But the more I accepted that I was giving myself the gift of opening and learning… I am now just adoring the process.

I have to add, learning new skills is heady stuff! You can call me Super Grandmother….lol!

Which takes us to the absolute best part of doing our own business. Trusting the journey!

Really? I have to give up all my preconceived ideas of how to do business? And follow the training?

Huh… I faced the question head on, and resoundingly said yes! I can and will do this.

I trust this journey with Wealthy Affiliate, because I am trusting myself, my capabilities and the track record of WA. The WA community is outstanding in its support and training.

So here we are, taking the plunge. And loving it!

Join me on this journey!
I am here to answer any questions you might have. I would love to hear your comments on your process.












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